Knitting and Cats

I made this over the Christmas weekend. It’s the Calorimetry headband from this issue of Knitty. I made it with Cascade Heathers yarn and rummaged through Mom’s vast button box to find the right button, a “Buffalo Nickel”. I did try to take a few pictures of it on, but they did not turn out so well.

My goal for today (besides going to the LYS to check out the sale. I need to get some yarn for my secret pal.) is to finish the Noro Silk Garden scarf. It’s cold outside and I need to keep my little bare neck warm.

One last picture, my Bartholamew. He was just SO darn cute last night with 3 of his paws all curled up and this one stretched to the max, I couldn’t let the photo op pass me by.


2 responses to “Knitting and Cats

  1. Love the headband…bring it to show off!
    Look at Bart….(I hope he doesn’t mind the abbreviation)Isn’t he sweet!

  2. You made the calorimetry, too!!!! I made 2 full size and then 2 smaller versions for my girls. Thanx for posting on my blog. cate

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