things I learned from tie dye

So ya know, it’s not like I’m trying to find time to knit and spin and hang with my friends AND work two jobs so what did I do? I went and bought a tie dye kit (ok technically it was a tye dye kit not tie dye but whatever lol) and some shirts.

First thing I learned was that no matter how good of an idea it seems, one should not tie dye in their small apartment bathroom. No, everything is NOT covered in dye but there’s not much room and my back kinda hurts and a hose would *totally* have been beneficial!

Second thing I learned was to always wear gloves. Even if it is 24 hrs later


Third thing I learned is that I needed to put more dye all over and less in one spot.

Overall I’m not totally unhappy with the results. But I’m not super thrilled with them either. I’d like to do it again and try some different ideas.

So without further ado here’s my shirts:







and lastly my “boyfriend beater” (they’re wife beaters for boys and boyfriend beaters for the girls) that’ll probably end up as a sleep shirt:




til next time my sweets…


9 responses to “things I learned from tie dye

  1. ohhhh i want to make a tie dye husband beater!!

  2. They turned out darn well!

    I do try to do dyeing at other’s places, because you are right about apartments/condos just not being the right place for it.

  3. You did a great job! (I feel as if I’m being transported in time – Shades of my childhood)

  4. Aaah, back in the 60s yet again :^) (which btw I had a great time!)
    They look great and they’ll be fun to wear!

  5. Boy, that takes me right on back to my youth!

  6. Great job Nikki…takes me back a bit!!!!
    Brings out the ‘DeadHead’ in me!!

  7. I think the shirts look fabulous; you did a great job! I also have to agree with Dianne – -they do bring out the “DeadHead” in me too. Remember that last video, “I Will Get By” with the skeletons? LOL

    So, when are you going to tie dye some fiber???

  8. I think they turned out rather well! Sounds like you had fun too.

  9. Good job! They came out great. 🙂

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