Christmas loot

As I said yesterday, it’s good to have knitters in the family.

This is my knitting Christmas loot. I got a wonderful bag just the perfect size for socks or a scarf from my muggle (as Stephanie would say) step-Dad. He picked it out on his own so Mom’s knitterly ideas are getting to him.

I got beautiful handmade stitch markers from my sister (a knitter).

From Mom I got the Stitch and Bitch calendar and a ball winder!! YEAH!!!! (of course it does benefit her too but that’s OK still being swiftless, we may both need each other to wind some hanks).

Did you notice how great that picture is? (and how large it is? LOL) Well, being the best Mom and step-Dad EVER, I also got this

Yeah. I know. The camera is prettier than the box but it’s hard to take a picture of the camera WITH the camera and well, I didn’t want to use the other camera.

This is what Mom and I did a large part of Saturday, Sunday morning and during that “after presents, ate too much” afternoon on Christmas


2 responses to “Christmas loot

  1. You scored a good knitter’s haul! And dontcha just love your Canon digi-cam? They’re the best, IMHO. Love the Noro scarf you’re knitting. There’s no mistaking Noro, is there?

    I’m so sorry about your step-grandmother’s passing. May you and your family find peace and comfort during this time.

  2. WooHoo!! Look at those gifts! and the fuzzy slippers!!
    Hope to see you next Thursday (1/4)!!
    My thoughts are with you and your family!

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