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things I learned from tie dye

So ya know, it’s not like I’m trying to find time to knit and spin and hang with my friends AND work two jobs so what did I do? I went and bought a tie dye kit (ok technically it was a tye dye kit not tie dye but whatever lol) and some shirts.

First thing I learned was that no matter how good of an idea it seems, one should not tie dye in their small apartment bathroom. No, everything is NOT covered in dye but there’s not much room and my back kinda hurts and a hose would *totally* have been beneficial!

Second thing I learned was to always wear gloves. Even if it is 24 hrs later


Third thing I learned is that I needed to put more dye all over and less in one spot.

Overall I’m not totally unhappy with the results. But I’m not super thrilled with them either. I’d like to do it again and try some different ideas.

So without further ado here’s my shirts:







and lastly my “boyfriend beater” (they’re wife beaters for boys and boyfriend beaters for the girls) that’ll probably end up as a sleep shirt:




til next time my sweets…


it snowed!

only took til 3/1  but we finally got some snow this winter:



but not gonna even try to post every day. I’m going for once a week, probably Sunday for at least a little consistency. 

I joined SP12 and one of the requirements is to blog at least weekly so that’s further encouragement. Also, I’d been finding myself of thinking of putting this up on the blog or “oh I should blog that”

I was going to bombard you with pictures but instead I’ll just point you to my flickr acct. No, not everything recently added was recently bought. Some of it I’ve had since at least November. I’ve just been bad about updating my Ravelry page and all. 

I can’t leave you totally pictureless so here’s a little something I picked up at Sedalia (well in fact it’s the ONLY thing I picked up at Sedalia)


It’s a lovely mohair/merino blend. And I’m going to spin it on this: 


Just a little MDSW souvenir from the Bosworths. And I’d like to say that FINALLY after all this time and talking on the phone for our jobs and internet talking. I finally got to meet Robin in person!! (a friend of hers took our picture and said she’d share)

Oh, and at MDSW, I got to meet Jane! (yes! She came all the way from London just to meet me! Go to MDSW! Isn’t that the coolest?!?) And she brought me this little skein of loveliness:



I guess that’s a good update for now! Hope y’all have stuck with me through the break… I did miss you while I was “gone”… 🙂

Happy Groundhog Day!

I haven’t heard the news but I feel quite certain that no matter what the poor ol’ ground hog said, that winter isn’t done with us yet…

Now onto the knitting content.I’m almost done with a scarf for my friend. It was for her 40th birthday. I started it a few days before her birthday so yes, it is late but she knows and it’s all good. In fact, I did give it to her last week but even though she asked for a short scarf, turns out she wants a longer scarf than what she asked for. Which is OK. I asked her if she liked it and would rather her be honest – especially since it’s something I can easily fix – and wear it than lie and it go live in a dark lonely closet.


I frogged my marigold socks. It just wasn’t happening. I love the pattern and want to work on it again but not in the yarn I was using. So… I started this:


The Forest Canopy Shawl

Which I plan on working on after I finish this post. But first I have other good things to tell you. We have a new yarn store “in town” – Knitters Knook. It’s actually in Boones Mill but it’s close enough for me. She opened officially yesterday but it was kind of yucky out and I did have to work so I stopped in today.

After buying the addi needles my shawl is on and some nice pretty wool I was sitting and knitting and visiting and who should come through the door?


My good knitting friends Linda and Dianne!

It’s been TOO long since I’ve seen them and it was so nice to catch up with everyone.

Then, Laura with her hubby in tow came though the door looking for sock yarn. Hubby’s getting some nice socks!

Not long after they left we were getting ready to go when Dana and her daughter came in!

I swear it was like old home week!! Sadly, I got no pictures except for Dianne and Linda (and for those who are curious – that is a wall of Mission Falls behind them. Yumm!)

Becky’s grand opening will be March 1 but she’s open now. If you’re local and want directions leave me a comment or email or whatnot and I’ll be happy to get that to you!

Lastly, Bartholamew would like to remind you that sometimes a nap on a soft pillow in the warm sunshine is the best way to spend an afternoon!


Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Updates and presents

I finally got started right on Dad’s sock. After a small “freak out” at Mom’s about the size it’s all a-go.

I know you’re wondering about how so much got done, well… I went up to Mom’s yesterday and she was going to knit on her “I have to think about it” sock and I was going to knit on my “I have to think about it because I’m at the side decreases” sweater. Well, she was having one of those days and didn’t get much sock knitting done. I had forgotten my pattern at home and had only mindless stockinette sock knitting. Which helped contribute to Mom’s lack of sock knitting, I kept talking to her 🙂 BUT we figured out how to fix a sweater she knit and had an issue with and found another sweater pattern she liked and was swatching for so all in all it was a good day!

My sweater progress:

Here’s the intarsia block so far:

I started the block right above my thumb. I really feel I’m making good progress on my sweater. Maybe not great progress but good progress. I’m glad I joined the Tour de France KAL. It’s really inspired me to work steadily on my sweater. Maybe it really will be done in time for the cool weather!

Lastly, I bring you the present Mom brought me from her trip to Savannah.

I love it!! And yes, for those of you aren’t local or haven’t seen me leaving knit night… I drive a big red truck.


In case you haven’t read Catie’s blog today or had any questions about it, I have bought her wheel.

It’s an Ashford traditional. Catie, being the good enabler that she is, also threw in some roving and a lesson.

Armed with all three of those, my drop spindle “experience”, and two books (the most helpful being Hands on Spinning which was recommended to me by Robin) I started spinning.

I’ll save you the gory details. But I will share the yarn. I got impatient and plied up a couple of not quite full bobbins (which is really easy to get when you’re spinning massively fat blotchey singles!):

I set the twist last night and it’s probably dry by now but I don’t have any pictures of it. I do promise to love it as my first yarn and will bring it with me to knit/spin group on Thursday.

I suppose I should add that I picked it up Saturday morning, don’t want y’all to think I did all of this after I got home tonight. I just didn’t blog about it (very hard BTW) so I wouldn’t spoil Catie’s surprise of a new wheel.

And no, other than a little dishcloth knitting, I didn’t do anything else this weekend 🙂