OK, so I’m so far behind in my SP12 questions!!

I haven’t entered any knitting into a fair/festival although if one was close I’d consider it. Probably wouldn’t do it though since I don’t think my knitting is THAT good, ya know? I mean it’s good and pretty but it’s not perfect and I like that…

My favorite hot summer dinner is: Grilled steak and a salad or potato… and a cold beer or sweet tea…

My favorite place to knit is my sofa. I’ve got all my notions and whatnot right there. I can sit “properly” or stretch out with my legs on the sofa. Usually I have a cat with me and in the winter, I have two cats hogging up the fleece blankie so it’s extra cozy!

OK. lastly and most recently the knitting style/Olympic event. I have NO clue on this one… None. At all, whatsoever!!

I’m 6 rows away from finishing the Baby Surprise Jacket!! It was no where near as hard as I thought… although I still have to figure out how to fold it up! Pictures will follow when it’s done. It’s quite pretty if I do say so myself…

And lastly my “spinning assistant” wants to thank everyone for your comments! She does actually sleep on or near the wheel a lot and it was just so funny to see her curl up while I was still trying to spin!

Hopefully later in the week, (or this weekend since today is Thursday! WHERE did the week go!?!) I’ll do a rundown of my lovely birthday this week!)


Weekly update 8/3/08

I’m a week behind and am terribly sorry! One of my good friend’s father died last Friday and I just didn’t have it in me to blog. I was going to get caught up in the week and didn’t. So here I am today.

I finished both of my squares for a blanket the group is making and started knitting the Baby Surprise Jacket (again! BSJ v1 took a trip to the frog pond after too much talking while knitting then the “fix” I tried to implement made it 5x worse!). I’ve still got my clapotis on the needles as well as my Hourglass sweater.

Yesterday I tried spinning and it was rolling right along until my ever faithful assistant came to help me:


Please note the arms under the treadle:


Hopefully I’ll have some actual knitting to show you next time!

weekly update 7-20-08

I am woefully behind in posting this week and am sorry… it’s been one of those kinds of weeks that you never hope to repeat!

Let’s get that all out of the way then I’ll do my SP12 question of the week and update you on my knitting.

We first found out that a son of one of our knit group girls was horribly burned in an accident. This being after fire claimed the home twice of one of our other girls… So we’re planning on how to help them and rehoming their rescue bunnies and other critters when we get the awful news that another of our knit group girls husband was burned in a grilling incident. Both are at special burn hospitals in the region.

Other than working I’ve been trying to help with that this week. However one of my cohorts and I have organized a raffle. (<- ravelry link) We’ve scored a couple Ravelry tote bags, some fabulous yarn and are working on other prizes. Please follow the link if you’re on Ravelry and email me if you’re not and you’re interested. I’ll send you all of the information. If nothing else, can you please keep these good people and their families in your thoughts and prayers? 

Now, onto the not so bad stuff… 

SP12 – Questions #6
What is your favorite type of project to take along on holiday/vacation?

Hmm, quick and mindless! Socks, dishrags and the like. I did take my clapotis once with me. That was nice. 

If you’d like to share a story…Tell us about a time that you packed too much knitting or were stranded without knitting.

OK, it’s not a funny story per-se but my knitting was! My uncle passed away last summer and we were driving to Savannah for his memorial service. My mom said “make sure you take your knitting, I’m sure there will be down time”. Well, duh! I take my knitting everywhere but she was stressed so of course I just said “yes ma’am, I was planning on it”. So I go up to her house and we’re packing the car and she asks me what all I packed (she so goes into “Mom” mode when she’s stressed). So I start listing the clothes in my one bag and she said ok, what’s in that one- pointing to my backpack. I said, my knitting. I had my clapotis, socks on the needles, back up sock yarn, yarn for my chevron scarf I never knitted, and many many balls of kitchen cotton. Oh, and we were only gone 3 days. And I only got in a hour or two total of knitting time I’d say! Overpack? Me? Nah…. 

As far as my TdF knitting, haven’t done it 😦 I hope I get more knitting time in next week… I kinda miss it!

Oh and my monkey socks? Frogged. Totally and completely…

So this isn’t a totally pictureless post here’s my friend Laura’s new bunny she adopted from our friend:

I'm a bunny!

weekly update 7/13

I have one FO but I can’t share it just yet. I knitted a little something for my secret pal.

I’ve also knitted almost half a dishrag and that’s about it for the week. I did finish knitting my Flying Monkey sock and decided that I should try it on before I kitchnered the toe. I doesn’t fit. It’s in Time Out right now (bad monkey. Bad Monkey!)

I haven’t done anything on my sweater except buy the size 7 dpns…

So, that’s it. Hope y’alls knitting is going better than mine!


Today, out of concern for you my dear readers and friends, I bring you a Public Service Announcement.

If you should find yourself in a situation where there will be fried Oreos present. Here is what you should do:

1. Gather up some friends. Maybe 3 or 4 (5 if you’re not feeling adventurous).

2. Find $5 (or however much they may cost at your venue) plus however much it costs to buy you and your friends some water.

3. Buy hot fresh Fried Oreos and water.

4. Wait anxiously until Oreos cool down enough so they won’t burn your fingers.

5. Consume.

6. Drink water so your teeth don’t rot out of your head instantly.

7. Talk about how sinfully delicious the Fried Oreos are.

Should you not be aware of these steps and don’t have enough friends nearby, you can take the Fried Oreos home but they won’t last overnight. They will not be good in the morning. No, I did not try them but they were kinda hard this morning so I pitched them.

Also, should you be the first of your friends you should eat a 2nd Fried Oreo after you get home to take a picture for posterity.


As an additional PSA, I would recommend eating leftover Fried Oreos over a sink or trash can, and not your cat so he won’t a) be tempted to help you eat fried Oreos and b) won’t get a powdered sugar shower.


(and if you think you can hold a Fried Oreo in one hand, take pictures (with your non dominant hand) AND fend off a cat and have a picture that’s clearer than mine, I say prove it! :D)

Weekly Update 7/6

Here’s my weekly rundown. 

On the Tour de France KAL front I’ve been knitting but getting no where. Case in point, here’s my sleeve:


yeah. It’s looked like that 4 different times now. I had a great conversation with Becky about what to do since I didn’t like the sleeve as it was written and can not remember what the final plan was. However, I do remember the rest of the conversation enough that I’m forging ahead with trial and error. I will wear this sweater this fall. I Will.

My SOS08 update:


Still plugging away on my Flying Monkeys. My goal is 3 or 4 pairs by the end of summer (that’s Sept 21) so I think I’m right on track. Especially considering that one pair will probably be done on Laura’s CSM (they won’t count towards my official SOS total but they will count towards my personal goal and my pile of socks to wear this winter!)

I’m working on some things for my secret pal. I wish I could share them but I can’t take the risk of them seeing it and catching on to me. I will take pictures and add them to my Ravelry projects page after the fact.

I suppose that’s about it. Weather’s been good. I haven’t ordered anything for myself except another set of size 1 needles (but really, can a girl have too many pairs of sock needles?) and they’re more of a replacement pair than an additional pair (and 3 pairs of US sz 1 is not a lot). And tomorrow I have to go buy some size 7 dpns for my sleeves but that’s about it.

Hope you had a safe and happy Independence Day (and Canada day for my northern friends!) and weekend!

Roll Call!

Ok? Who’s plurking? And if so, will you be my friend? (can’t let that karma get low by being rejected ya know?)

I know Knitnana and Dana are plurking but that’s all… (that I’ve found. I’m gonna have to go looking to see if I know anyone else who plurks. This is what happens when you work too much. No time for stalking virtually visiting your friends…)

If not, do you want to plurk? It really is kind of fun (and quick. Not like my favorite time suck ravelry)

Oh and apparently I know have a parentheses problem (in case you hadn’t noticed). And I’m planning on getting all caught up on my blog reading tonight too (so expect some comments).