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hello hello hello hello….

Wow, that’s some wicket echo!! Sorry for the long absence. I just lost track of time and wrapped up in plurk and apparently had very little to say.¬†

I’m going to hopefully blog more. Maybe about knitting, maybe about life and other things. I’m not going to promise anything other than that I’m still here and doing just fine! ūüôā¬†

Hope everyone had a good holiday and that the new year brings love, light and happiness. 


*honk shu... honkshuu...*

*honk shu... honkshuu...*


Weekend Update

There’s not much to show on the knitting front. I’m still¬†plugging¬†away on my sweater. A new picture doesn’t show much change although I am almost done with the waist shaping increases.¬†

Spring is here (although it wouldn’t break my heart if we start getting a little warmer…). I know for a fact it’s here to stay because my outside “buddy” Big Fat Groudhog is back munching on grass and whatnot.

Easter is here and almost over.I’m still playing on¬†Ravelry¬†(you HAVE signed up haven’t you??)¬†

I’ve been¬†helping¬†Dana¬†and the crew out with the behind the scenes planning for the¬†Sedalia Fiber Festival¬†(May 24th. You will be there won’t you??)¬†

Oh, I signed up for the Wee Tiny Sock Swap. Link and such on the sidebar, there’s no limit to the number of participants and sign ups close on March 27. Socks to be mailed the 31st. I love these little socks! Those of you know know me in person have probably seen me knitting on at least one for my little sock blocker keychain…

Speaking of the sidebar, I’ve *finally* gotten the blog roll in there. I think it’s fairly accurate since I exported my google reader file but if you’re here and not there, please let me know!¬†¬†

And now, so it’s not all blah blah blah… I leave you with an old picture of the heathens:¬†¬†

My babies

And don’t forget about the Relay for Life Contest going on til April 17th (link also in the sidebar)


Recently I signed up for a Valentine’s Day Swap on Ravelry. Just a little swap of about $10. I thought it’d be a fun way to celebrate a day that normally just doesn’t get celebrated around here (here being my home…). It was a known swap (meaning you know who has you) and the organizer just paired us up so I sent to Diane and she sent to me. Which was pretty cool. I like the annonymous swaps and have had nothing but great spoilers but I’m always a little leary. What if they do flake and what if I didn’t answer the questions clearly and well… you get the idea. So it was really nice to be able to actually chat with Diane a bit before picking out her present.Mom always told me people give what they like and I think that certainly fits the case here. I sent a package that I would be happy to get.I sent: a package of plain ol’ round Clover stitch markers (a knitter can never have too many); two bent tip darning needles (LOVE those!); two skeins of Soy Wool Stripes (I’d bought this for a scarf for a friend but she didn’t like it and really, who returns yarn?!?); a magnet of my fair city (I do like me some fridge magnets and it’s fun to see where someone else lives); dark chocolate (do I need to say more?!?!); some fun soap I got in the shape of lips and a cute little card. (There is a picture on Diane’s blog of everything.)Here’s the yummies that Diane sent me:IMG_1411Also, since there were some great guesses I’ll now tell you what the bomb squad was up to.They were afraid this may get out of hand…OK. Now seriously… they were at a local political rally. Kinda cool and disturbing at the same time, eh?I’m an independent and kind of a geek when it comes to political happenings. I vote. I try to keep up with the whole process and all (politicians on the other hand kind of drive me nutty). So when not one but TWO presidential candidates planned rallies for my little city I was excited. I went to the one on Sunday for Hillary… shame she didn’t. She missed a prime opportunity to try to sway me to her camp…;)For those of you who aren’t local, she couldn’t make it because of a high wind warning and forest fires.And now, for all the “bad” news… I’m in an immobilizer type wrist brace. I, thankfully, do not have carpal tunnel but I do have tendonitis/tennis elbow. The wrist brace keeps my hand from moving in a fashion that will not aggrevate the tendons. However, IF I can knit with the brace on, then I have “permission” from my doc to knit. However I’m going to wait at least til the end of the weekend to try. I want to get better…IMG_1413¬†Edited to add: I had it all nicely formatted and all but I read something that didn’t sound right so I fixed it and all my formating left and I can’t fix it again ūüė¶ I’ve been on the ‘puter too long as it is so please forgive the long run on paragraph ūüė¶¬†

Merry Christmas! (or he’s a rebel and never be any good)

First off let me say I hope each and every one of you had a very Merry Christmas filled with joy and light (and maybe some knitting related gifts and fun relatives…)

Yesterday, Mom, my sister and I went out to lunch. They kept telling me about all the great deals at this local store. 50% off type great deals. Needless to say, we went back. I got new sheets and a new duvet cover. In this house, changing the sheets is an ordeal! To the four legged heathens, it’s the most fun since cat nip anything… and for me. Well, it’s trying. To be polite because, well, it’s Christmas.

Bartholamew is the master of all. Especially the sheets. 
Yes. I bought green sheets with purple ladybugs on them. The duvet cover is about that shade of green too. All for 50% off! 
I did a little “Christmas” knitting. (so called “Christmas” knitting because they were knit on Christmas Eve. Not because they were presents. Although two did go to live with people other than me)

I found out about them here. Jane found the pattern here. I would highly recommend stocking up on your wine corks now. They’re great fun and a very quick knit.

Beware though, because they are quite mischievous too:

Lastly, I finished super secretive knitting project #1. I can’t wait to show it to you but it will have to wait til #2’s done. Which will be longer than normal because I got distracted.¬†
Dianne sent me some very lovely worsted weight peace fleece for Christmas. I had to start knitting on it almost instantly. With Marianne’s help, it became mittens. Or A mitten. The 2nd mitten is on the needles now and will probably have life before the end of the week (would be sooner but the job doesn’t tend to approve of me knitting on the clock).
But I can knit on it now and do hear it calling my name…

Independence Day

First and foremost I must say I hope everyone is having a very safe and happy Independence day!

I’ve got a little bit of everything going on today.

First I bring you le cardigan pour le* Tour de France KAL. This is the status as of now. This has been the status for a long time now. I started it in maybe February or March? I had full intentions of finishing it before it got too warm to wear a sweater. I failed.

I am competing under the maillot a pois rouges**. The Mountain Climber. I aim to finish the body of le cardigan by the end of le Tour on July 29th. However, if I don’t, that’s OK as long as substantial progress has been made.

Next, I bring you just why I love living in the Roanoke Valley. It’s a bit hazy in the pictures but I think you’ll get the idea.

That’s my city in the first one and why the bear went over the moutain in the second one. What? You don’t remember why the bear went over the mountain? Why to see what he could see, of course.

I took those pictures coming home from The Explore Park. My camera was on the verge of battery death so I took very few pictures. But I did get this one:

A Great Wheel.

Next, you get Judy’s finished socks. Already mailed off to her:

Lastly, I bring your the country girl’s version of “Where’s Waldo?”

I did leave it full sized in case you need a little help.

Be safe everyone!

*the cardigan for the (cardigan in French is sadly the same therefore not very exciting to write in French but I thought I would anyways)
**the polka dot jersey