still behind…

But I’m going to jump ahead to show you what my secret pal sent me:


How great is all of that?? I lurve me some purple and it’s just saturated in purple. That merino/tencil roving? It’s so soft I want to sit it on my desk as a pet!

That Envirosax (evnirosack?) is going straight into the glove box of:

drivers side

My New Car!! (Did you hear that in “game show announcer voice”? cuz that’s how I said it…)

It’s my very first NEW car! A 2009 Nissan Versa and I love her very much. I’ll miss my truck but the newness and the gas efficiency and the reliability of new car are important to me. Plus look at all this room to bring home the fibery good all safe and sound and protected from the weather:


Hopefully this weekend I can do a birthday wrap up and show off a real life Knitting Finished Item!!


12 responses to “still behind…

  1. Yeah for new cars and prezzies!

  2. Your secret pal rocks! And such a pretty car. Are you going to name it?

  3. Yay! A new car! Good colour – hides the dirt well. And your pal is certainly spoiling you.

  4. Your Secret Pal

    I’m happy that your new Envirox will be traveling in style! Congratulations on the new car!

  5. I love “your NEw.Caaaarr!” (also said in game show voice)
    And yes, lots of storage space for fibery acquisitions. How about people? Or people AND fiber?

  6. Whoooa! That is some major purple love! It’s all gorgeous!
    and …. YOUR NEW CAR!!!!!!! hee

  7. What a cool car!!! Congrats on your first NEW one…it’s so much fun!
    And the purples…oh my. Purples!
    (my favorites!)

  8. I’m with Jadie; you’ve got an AWESOME secret pal! The goodies are wonderful.

    Congratulations again on your Versa! It’s lovely and I know that you’re enjoying it thoroughly. Mmmm…new car smell!

  9. Gorgeous goodies – what a great pal you had!

    And congrats on the new car. I’m always amazed at what I can cram into my hatchback. 🙂

  10. Ooh – merino tencel – one of my favourites!

  11. Can I have the Nestles, and the new car?

    Are you still around? I just noticed the date of this post.

  12. :~( <— for the “no, no.”

    But glad you’re still around. ;~_

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