OK, so I’m so far behind in my SP12 questions!!

I haven’t entered any knitting into a fair/festival although if one was close I’d consider it. Probably wouldn’t do it though since I don’t think my knitting is THAT good, ya know? I mean it’s good and pretty but it’s not perfect and I like that…

My favorite hot summer dinner is: Grilled steak and a salad or potato… and a cold beer or sweet tea…

My favorite place to knit is my sofa. I’ve got all my notions and whatnot right there. I can sit “properly” or stretch out with my legs on the sofa. Usually I have a cat with me and in the winter, I have two cats hogging up the fleece blankie so it’s extra cozy!

OK. lastly and most recently the knitting style/Olympic event. I have NO clue on this one… None. At all, whatsoever!!

I’m 6 rows away from finishing the Baby Surprise Jacket!! It was no where near as hard as I thought… although I still have to figure out how to fold it up! Pictures will follow when it’s done. It’s quite pretty if I do say so myself…

And lastly my “spinning assistant” wants to thank everyone for your comments! She does actually sleep on or near the wheel a lot and it was just so funny to see her curl up while I was still trying to spin!

Hopefully later in the week, (or this weekend since today is Thursday! WHERE did the week go!?!) I’ll do a rundown of my lovely birthday this week!)


4 responses to “ack!

  1. Cannot wait to see BSJ! And I’m looking forward to seeing the birthday loot!

  2. Looking forward to your BSJ and BD goodies!

  3. I’ll look forward to the post! Pepper is too cute. 🙂 Happy B-day again!

  4. Mmm… steak and beer and maybe a veggie shishkabob…

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