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still behind…

But I’m going to jump ahead to show you what my secret pal sent me:


How great is all of that?? I lurve me some purple and it’s just saturated in purple. That merino/tencil roving? It’s so soft I want to sit it on my desk as a pet!

That Envirosax (evnirosack?) is going straight into the glove box of:

drivers side

My New Car!! (Did you hear that in “game show announcer voice”? cuz that’s how I said it…)

It’s my very first NEW car! A 2009 Nissan Versa and I love her very much. I’ll miss my truck but the newness and the gas efficiency and the reliability of new car are important to me. Plus look at all this room to bring home the fibery good all safe and sound and protected from the weather:


Hopefully this weekend I can do a birthday wrap up and show off a real life Knitting Finished Item!!



OK, so I’m so far behind in my SP12 questions!!

I haven’t entered any knitting into a fair/festival although if one was close I’d consider it. Probably wouldn’t do it though since I don’t think my knitting is THAT good, ya know? I mean it’s good and pretty but it’s not perfect and I like that…

My favorite hot summer dinner is: Grilled steak and a salad or potato… and a cold beer or sweet tea…

My favorite place to knit is my sofa. I’ve got all my notions and whatnot right there. I can sit “properly” or stretch out with my legs on the sofa. Usually I have a cat with me and in the winter, I have two cats hogging up the fleece blankie so it’s extra cozy!

OK. lastly and most recently the knitting style/Olympic event. I have NO clue on this one… None. At all, whatsoever!!

I’m 6 rows away from finishing the Baby Surprise Jacket!! It was no where near as hard as I thought… although I still have to figure out how to fold it up! Pictures will follow when it’s done. It’s quite pretty if I do say so myself…

And lastly my “spinning assistant” wants to thank everyone for your comments! She does actually sleep on or near the wheel a lot and it was just so funny to see her curl up while I was still trying to spin!

Hopefully later in the week, (or this weekend since today is Thursday! WHERE did the week go!?!) I’ll do a rundown of my lovely birthday this week!)

Weekly update 8/3/08

I’m a week behind and am terribly sorry! One of my good friend’s father died last Friday and I just didn’t have it in me to blog. I was going to get caught up in the week and didn’t. So here I am today.

I finished both of my squares for a blanket the group is making and started knitting the Baby Surprise Jacket (again! BSJ v1 took a trip to the frog pond after too much talking while knitting then the “fix” I tried to implement made it 5x worse!). I’ve still got my clapotis on the needles as well as my Hourglass sweater.

Yesterday I tried spinning and it was rolling right along until my ever faithful assistant came to help me:


Please note the arms under the treadle:


Hopefully I’ll have some actual knitting to show you next time!