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weekly update 7-20-08

I am woefully behind in posting this week and am sorry… it’s been one of those kinds of weeks that you never hope to repeat!

Let’s get that all out of the way then I’ll do my SP12 question of the week and update you on my knitting.

We first found out that a son of one of our knit group girls was horribly burned in an accident. This being after fire claimed the home twice of one of our other girls… So we’re planning on how to help them and rehoming their rescue bunnies and other critters when we get the awful news that another of our knit group girls husband was burned in a grilling incident. Both are at special burn hospitals in the region.

Other than working I’ve been trying to help with that this week. However one of my cohorts and I have organized a raffle. (<- ravelry link) We’ve scored a couple Ravelry tote bags, some fabulous yarn and are working on other prizes. Please follow the link if you’re on Ravelry and email me if you’re not and you’re interested. I’ll send you all of the information. If nothing else, can you please keep these good people and their families in your thoughts and prayers? 

Now, onto the not so bad stuff… 

SP12 – Questions #6
What is your favorite type of project to take along on holiday/vacation?

Hmm, quick and mindless! Socks, dishrags and the like. I did take my clapotis once with me. That was nice. 

If you’d like to share a story…Tell us about a time that you packed too much knitting or were stranded without knitting.

OK, it’s not a funny story per-se but my knitting was! My uncle passed away last summer and we were driving to Savannah for his memorial service. My mom said “make sure you take your knitting, I’m sure there will be down time”. Well, duh! I take my knitting everywhere but she was stressed so of course I just said “yes ma’am, I was planning on it”. So I go up to her house and we’re packing the car and she asks me what all I packed (she so goes into “Mom” mode when she’s stressed). So I start listing the clothes in my one bag and she said ok, what’s in that one- pointing to my backpack. I said, my knitting. I had my clapotis, socks on the needles, back up sock yarn, yarn for my chevron scarf I never knitted, and many many balls of kitchen cotton. Oh, and we were only gone 3 days. And I only got in a hour or two total of knitting time I’d say! Overpack? Me? Nah…. 

As far as my TdF knitting, haven’t done it 😦 I hope I get more knitting time in next week… I kinda miss it!

Oh and my monkey socks? Frogged. Totally and completely…

So this isn’t a totally pictureless post here’s my friend Laura’s new bunny she adopted from our friend:

I'm a bunny!