Weekly Update 7/6

Here’s my weekly rundown. 

On the Tour de France KAL front I’ve been knitting but getting no where. Case in point, here’s my sleeve:


yeah. It’s looked like that 4 different times now. I had a great conversation with Becky about what to do since I didn’t like the sleeve as it was written and can not remember what the final plan was. However, I do remember the rest of the conversation enough that I’m forging ahead with trial and error. I will wear this sweater this fall. I Will.

My SOS08 update:


Still plugging away on my Flying Monkeys. My goal is 3 or 4 pairs by the end of summer (that’s Sept 21) so I think I’m right on track. Especially considering that one pair will probably be done on Laura’s CSM (they won’t count towards my official SOS total but they will count towards my personal goal and my pile of socks to wear this winter!)

I’m working on some things for my secret pal. I wish I could share them but I can’t take the risk of them seeing it and catching on to me. I will take pictures and add them to my Ravelry projects page after the fact.

I suppose that’s about it. Weather’s been good. I haven’t ordered anything for myself except another set of size 1 needles (but really, can a girl have too many pairs of sock needles?) and they’re more of a replacement pair than an additional pair (and 3 pairs of US sz 1 is not a lot). And tomorrow I have to go buy some size 7 dpns for my sleeves but that’s about it.

Hope you had a safe and happy Independence Day (and Canada day for my northern friends!) and weekend!


10 responses to “Weekly Update 7/6

  1. Your sock looks great! Bummer about your TdF knitting…

  2. The sock has grown. Yay!

    So, what’s wrong with the sleeve as written? I’m really looking forward to seeing how this sweater comes out for you.

  3. Those Monkeys are looking great! Sorry to hear about the sweater sleeve. I hope you figure it out soon!

  4. Love that sock!

  5. Love those monkeys in Tlingit! I almost got that color myself.
    Are you having any problems with color coming off on your hands?
    I heard from somewhere (maybe it was you) that it was a problem with the STR black colors.

  6. Bummer Nikki! I think we decided to start the sleeves on a smaller needle for smaller gauge so that you would not have to change any of your numbers. That is very frustrating I know when things just don’t want to turn out the way you hoped. The socks look great though!

  7. Awww, sleeve has been no fun but wishing you the very best!
    Flying Monkeys? That sock is beautiful!

  8. I’m sure you will get to grips with your sleeve and be wearing the yellow jersey by the end of the Tour.

    My TdeF lace shawl is progressing….slowly. Feels like I’m the Lantern Rouge at the back of the pack riding a Penny Farthing! Great fun though.

  9. The sock is GORGEOUS. (I tell everyone I like their socks and usually, it’s the truth. But that sock…your sock…is breathtaking). I genuinely like both the pattern and color.

    And then…there’s the dark side of the Force. 😉 Sorry to hear about your sleeve troubles. You and Becky’ll figure it out and you’ll be rolling in no time, I’m sure. Tahki Tweed – – doesn’t it feel great sliding between your fingers?

  10. Love the sock….and sweaters. Yeah. Well, you are NOT encouraging me to try my first one, you know? Hope it gets back on track fast!!

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