Daily Archives: July 6, 2008

Weekly Update 7/6

Here’s my weekly rundown. 

On the Tour de France KAL front I’ve been knitting but getting no where. Case in point, here’s my sleeve:


yeah. It’s looked like that 4 different times now. I had a great conversation with Becky about what to do since I didn’t like the sleeve as it was written and can not remember what the final plan was. However, I do remember the rest of the conversation enough that I’m forging ahead with trial and error. I will wear this sweater this fall. I Will.

My SOS08 update:


Still plugging away on my Flying Monkeys. My goal is 3 or 4 pairs by the end of summer (that’s Sept 21) so I think I’m right on track. Especially considering that one pair will probably be done on Laura’s CSM (they won’t count towards my official SOS total but they will count towards my personal goal and my pile of socks to wear this winter!)

I’m working on some things for my secret pal. I wish I could share them but I can’t take the risk of them seeing it and catching on to me. I will take pictures and add them to my Ravelry projects page after the fact.

I suppose that’s about it. Weather’s been good. I haven’t ordered anything for myself except another set of size 1 needles (but really, can a girl have too many pairs of sock needles?) and they’re more of a replacement pair than an additional pair (and 3 pairs of US sz 1 is not a lot). And tomorrow I have to go buy some size 7 dpns for my sleeves but that’s about it.

Hope you had a safe and happy Independence Day (and Canada day for my northern friends!) and weekend!