Roll Call!

Ok? Who’s plurking? And if so, will you be my friend? (can’t let that karma get low by being rejected ya know?)

I know Knitnana and Dana are plurking but that’s all… (that I’ve found. I’m gonna have to go looking to see if I know anyone else who plurks. This is what happens when you work too much. No time for stalking virtually visiting your friends…)

If not, do you want to plurk? It really is kind of fun (and quick. Not like my favorite time suck ravelry)

Oh and apparently I know have a parentheses problem (in case you hadn’t noticed). And I’m planning on getting all caught up on my blog reading tonight too (so expect some comments).


6 responses to “Roll Call!

  1. hmmmm, may have to check out this plurking…..

  2. nonononono… hee… no time for plurking, not much time for …. knitting, let alone plurking… so, I’ll leave you to the fun, you can let us know :^)

  3. Catie is on, too!

  4. That post was a riot to read (parentheses and all)! You had me laughing out loud Nikki.

    Dianne is plurking a little (she’s Dyna) online. Do you know Jadielady? She’s plurking with the same name too.

    “Time suck” – – never heard that expression before and I love it – – it’s soooo true. Have a wonderful holiday!!


    I have an exclamation point problem – – always have since elementary school.

  5. I’m trying to resist plurking – to the extent that I have no idea what it is. 🙂

  6. Oh my, I get lost hours on Ravelry, I dont think I need Plurk to get lost in! LOL

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