I can haz nillas

(brought to you by Pepper)

Look! The woman brought home some new stuff the other night. I declared it mine.


She told me no, it wasn’t mine. It was hers. But I didn’t listen.


Mmmmm, nillas… no wonder Mom brought them home. Thems good!!!

You think she’ll let me keep one?


(now I return you to that yarn stuff mom won’t let me play with šŸ˜¦ – P)

Thanks, Pepper!

She really was funny with that Nilla Wafer. She brought it down off the napkin and snuggled with it for a while…

So yarny stuff.

Thursday was our local Stitch N Pitch organized by Robin (thanks, Robin!!) and I DID actually take pictures!


A large portion of our group being silly and knitting. There were more pictures but some of them were a little unflattering so I’m not posting them.

At the SnP Pam taught me a new dishcloth pattern. I had the bottom half done already and she just helped me out with the top part. I like it! I’m going to knit more of these.


Today (and tomorrow, it’s not too late folks!) Becky had a big sale at Knitter’s Knook so I went down and visited with everyone and bought some yarn for me and some for my secret pal!


I also cast on some socks for SOS08 but I’m not enjoying the two at a time by magic loop (I think I’d really like this book) right now so they’re going to sit and I’m casting on more socks. I’m not in it to win most socks knit but I would like to knit 3 or 4 pairs through out. That’s my personal goal. Oh and to have fun!


7 responses to “I can haz nillas

  1. Pepper’s so funny! Ace would like NanaPuddin’ made with those wafers!

    I had a GREAT time at SnP, hope to do it again!

  2. I bet SnP was fun! Hee hee – Chaos would SO have eaten that wafer. The only time he really tries to mess with my soy mochas is when they’re made with vanilla soymilk.

  3. Hmmm, wonder if my kitties would eat cookies? Did he eat one?
    The ball game was fun wasn’t it? Hey, guess where I found that book recently? At Too Many Books on Grandin Rd.!!! She doesn’t get many knit books and you’d probably have to frequent the place. I just got lucky that day.

  4. That is a fun pic from the SnP! And too funny with the kitty – they can be strange animals!

  5. Seriously… did Pepper finally eat it? :^) that was too cute!
    Mmmm… yarn sale!
    Stitch’n’Pitch… what fun!
    That’s a great washcloth!
    we has many exclamation marks!!!!!

  6. We have nothing like Stitch n’ Pitch over here – looks like you had great fun.

    And your cat is very cheeky!

  7. The Nilla lovin’ Pepper photos are too cute. The Stitch ‘n Pitch looked wonderful and fun! I really like Pam’s dishcloth pattern too.

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