WWKIP* day

Yesterday was WWKIP day. So some of us from my knit/spin group went off to KIP** and SIP***.

I had my camera but as usually took no pictures. So now I will direct you to Robin’s blog. She did a great write up AND she took pictures!

Sadly, I had to leave early to go to work and from reading the Ravelry wrap up they thankfully got out right before the rain started. Even though we’re prone to KIP anyways, let’s not wait a whole year to do this again, gang! It was fun!

* World Wide Knit In Public Day
** Knit In Public
*** Spin In Public (ok so I made this one up and it makes me giggle reading that we SIP in public. Like we were drinking adult beverages at the park or something… )

OH, What’s that? You want to know what I knitted on? Being as how this is a knitting blog and all? Well, OK… I took: my clapotis, a sock and two dish rags and knit on the simplest dishrag I took!


5 responses to “WWKIP* day

  1. Thanks Nikki! I thought we had a GREAT time! How about WWPWFday? (WorldWide Play With Fiber Day)

  2. How about ‘Whenever We Want to Knit In Public Day’ … WWWKIP??
    Same park or rotate area parks? We can roam around the area and review the public parks while we KIP. ;>

  3. Glad they missed the rain and that you all had a great time!

  4. That park looks great from Robin’s photos – I love the little bridge in the background.

  5. Your secret pal definitely hooked you up! The goodies are wonderful. 🙂

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