So It’s almost June 15th which is the “official” start of SP12. I’m really excited. We got our matches the other day and my spoiler has already emailed me (Hi SP!)

I’m off the next couple days and am coming up with more things that maybe my spoiler should know about me… y’all have any thoughts?


4 responses to “yeah!

  1. I’m sure you are going to have a blast with SP12!!

  2. You told her about your madness for mini-socks, right? *wink*

  3. Mercy, I’m still wondering where April and May ran off to and it’s already nearly mid June?!?!?
    You’ll have fun with this SP12!

  4. Ha! Sallee and I had the same thought – -mini socks! Hmmm…what else? Cat toys are a plus and you like “out of the ordinary” rubber ducks. What was the name of the site that had the devil ducky and others? You had it on a wish list a while back.

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