How on earth did we make it to June already? 

I participated in another wee tiny sock swap and got this really cool sock. It’s from handspun energized singles. 

How cute is this?!?


I’m going to have to knit with some energized singles. And I have some sitting around. Not that I don’t have enough projects OTN but that’s OK…


6 responses to “June?

  1. Of course Pepper’s saying…”You’re NOT putting those on me!”

    They are so cute!

  2. you should get 3 more and MAKE Pepper wear them. It would be too cute (until she rips them off and destroys them in retaliation.)

  3. Cute!
    I KNOW!!! What happened to May… did we have May this year?!?!? :^)

  4. That sock is adorable, and shown off to best advantage against Pepper’s fur, of course.

  5. Stuff on my CAT!
    Pepper, you look as if you’re being agreeable at least…

  6. Too cute (both the cat & the sock)! 🙂

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