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weekly update 6/29

Our SP12 question of the week is: What would you consider the perfect amount of stash?

Hmm. Thats a tough one. I’d say more than I have now but less than a room full. How’s that for vague?

I’ve finally gotten past the first row (or the toes) of a pair of socks for SOS08. I’m going to either call them Flying Monkeys or Evil monkeys. They remind me of the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz and her flying monkeys (and well, ya know they’re Monkeys).


I like this pattern. It goes quickly and is easy to remember (although I do keep my chart nearby).


SP12 Q2/SOS08

Question of the week #2-

As a kid, what did you look forward to most about summer vacation/break/holiday?

Hmm, I’m not sure… no school obviously, maybe getting to go on vacation?

I bought a couple non knitting related things for my pal today, too. I hope (s)he likes them.

For my SOS08 update:

I spent countless hours last night winding a cake last night. Pepper and Bartholamew were both very helpful in the winding process sitting on the table and rolling on the unballed yarn and such. So now I’m all ready to cast on for some monkeys! (I hope this yarn will work for them. If not I’ll find something else). Good thing I’m not in the most socks category!

OH and since so many of you asked, no, Pepper did not eat the whole Nilla wafer. She did eat a little bit of it but mostly licked it and snuggled with it. Silly cat indeed! 🙂

I can haz nillas

(brought to you by Pepper)

Look! The woman brought home some new stuff the other night. I declared it mine.


She told me no, it wasn’t mine. It was hers. But I didn’t listen.


Mmmmm, nillas… no wonder Mom brought them home. Thems good!!!

You think she’ll let me keep one?


(now I return you to that yarn stuff mom won’t let me play with 😦 – P)

Thanks, Pepper!

She really was funny with that Nilla Wafer. She brought it down off the napkin and snuggled with it for a while…

So yarny stuff.

Thursday was our local Stitch N Pitch organized by Robin (thanks, Robin!!) and I DID actually take pictures!


A large portion of our group being silly and knitting. There were more pictures but some of them were a little unflattering so I’m not posting them.

At the SnP Pam taught me a new dishcloth pattern. I had the bottom half done already and she just helped me out with the top part. I like it! I’m going to knit more of these.


Today (and tomorrow, it’s not too late folks!) Becky had a big sale at Knitter’s Knook so I went down and visited with everyone and bought some yarn for me and some for my secret pal!


I also cast on some socks for SOS08 but I’m not enjoying the two at a time by magic loop (I think I’d really like this book) right now so they’re going to sit and I’m casting on more socks. I’m not in it to win most socks knit but I would like to knit 3 or 4 pairs through out. That’s my personal goal. Oh and to have fun!

Woo hoo!

Yeah! Now I’m all ready for any emergency. I have an emergency knitting kit!


OK, so I will be all ready for any emergency as soon as I put some yarn and needles in there! But I’m a helluva lot closer than I was!

This lovely kit and the goodies below are from my Secret Pal! Thank you Secret Pal! (and yes guys, (s)he apparently read your comments! See the wee tiny sock skien and pattern in the corner? 🙂 )


WWKIP* day

Yesterday was WWKIP day. So some of us from my knit/spin group went off to KIP** and SIP***.

I had my camera but as usually took no pictures. So now I will direct you to Robin’s blog. She did a great write up AND she took pictures!

Sadly, I had to leave early to go to work and from reading the Ravelry wrap up they thankfully got out right before the rain started. Even though we’re prone to KIP anyways, let’s not wait a whole year to do this again, gang! It was fun!

* World Wide Knit In Public Day
** Knit In Public
*** Spin In Public (ok so I made this one up and it makes me giggle reading that we SIP in public. Like we were drinking adult beverages at the park or something… )

OH, What’s that? You want to know what I knitted on? Being as how this is a knitting blog and all? Well, OK… I took: my clapotis, a sock and two dish rags and knit on the simplest dishrag I took!

SP12 question of the week

My lovely SP12 hostess has asked us to answer the question of the week:

What’s your favorite summertime beverage?

Hmm, I think I’d have to say hands down sweet ice tea. However a really good margarita comes in a very close second!

Also, I thought I’d provide my spoiler a link to my old blog that has a wish list on the sidebar.

Now, I must go about spinning up some yarn for my momma and maybe even some yarn for my spoilee…


So It’s almost June 15th which is the “official” start of SP12. I’m really excited. We got our matches the other day and my spoiler has already emailed me (Hi SP!)

I’m off the next couple days and am coming up with more things that maybe my spoiler should know about me… y’all have any thoughts?