but not gonna even try to post every day. I’m going for once a week, probably Sunday for at least a little consistency. 

I joined SP12 and one of the requirements is to blog at least weekly so that’s further encouragement. Also, I’d been finding myself of thinking of putting this up on the blog or “oh I should blog that”

I was going to bombard you with pictures but instead I’ll just point you to my flickr acct. No, not everything recently added was recently bought. Some of it I’ve had since at least November. I’ve just been bad about updating my Ravelry page and all. 

I can’t leave you totally pictureless so here’s a little something I picked up at Sedalia (well in fact it’s the ONLY thing I picked up at Sedalia)


It’s a lovely mohair/merino blend. And I’m going to spin it on this: 


Just a little MDSW souvenir from the Bosworths. And I’d like to say that FINALLY after all this time and talking on the phone for our jobs and internet talking. I finally got to meet Robin in person!! (a friend of hers took our picture and said she’d share)

Oh, and at MDSW, I got to meet Jane! (yes! She came all the way from London just to meet me! Go to MDSW! Isn’t that the coolest?!?) And she brought me this little skein of loveliness:



I guess that’s a good update for now! Hope y’all have stuck with me through the break… I did miss you while I was “gone”… 🙂


6 responses to “I’M BACK!

  1. Wow – is that a skein of silk? It’s sooo shiny.

  2. Of COURSE we’re stickin’ with you!
    What a lovely little ball of fibre, fluffy! I can just only imagine how soft it is.
    Yep, it does look like silk!
    Beautiful spindle, and buttons, and hey! gonna weave a basket? Cool. :^D

  3. So much loveliness!
    I think I recognize that card by your new spindle. 😉

  4. How cool that you got to meet a blog friend from overseas! That skein of silk is gorgeous.

  5. Lovely to meet you too – I had such a good time I may come back next year!!!

  6. Ooooh pretties! The spindle is gorgeous and I really the roving you picked up too. Welcome back; it’s great to see you online again!

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