Picture pages

Well, here we are, middle of the week. I bring you a little visual montage of my week so far. (Since the sweater still just looks like a big yellow/green blob)

First: It runs in the family showing off your FO’s (or near FOs) on the cat:


After that, poor little Wickie would only snuggle with his Nikki (and her sweater) :


Someone at home must’ve used his “cat-dar” to find out that I was letting cute little old cats sleep on my sweaters:


All of which leads us up to the little problem I had with being solely monogamous to my sweater:


It seems that a friend of mine at work was having a bit of a rough patch and what cheers people up better than knitting?!? So I made her a little face cloth and gave her some home made soap I had bought from a friend and was hoarding for myself (don’t fear. I have more and can get more!)


7 responses to “Picture pages

  1. A little project in between is refreshing. I pulled out a 3/4 completed pair of socks and will be finishing them up tonight. I’ll then be refreshed to get all gung ho on the blanket again. 🙂

  2. You are so sweet and that face cloth is a little beauty!
    (waves) hi kids!

  3. Love the hat on the cat! I’ve done that with one of mine, she’s the only one who will somewhat tolerate it.

    In the picture with the orange cat there’s a project bag or a quilt or something in the background. It’s gorgeous!

  4. Pretty facecloth! Man, are you getting the evil eye from those cats or WHAT? 😉

  5. “Cat-dar” – – too funny. The facecloth and soap must’ve been a real pickup for your friend – – you’re so sweet!

  6. Teehee… Your cats remind me of the “Disapproving Rabbits” website!
    And you totally rock for cheering up your friend at work. *HUGS*

  7. I love knitting those round face cloths, the pink is cute. Your cats are gorgeous, my dog moans, a lot, if I point the camera near him, though he is partial to lying on wet, blocking knitting, especially shawls!

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