Weekend Update

There’s not much to show on the knitting front. I’m still plugging away on my sweater. A new picture doesn’t show much change although I am almost done with the waist shaping increases. 

Spring is here (although it wouldn’t break my heart if we start getting a little warmer…). I know for a fact it’s here to stay because my outside “buddy” Big Fat Groudhog is back munching on grass and whatnot.

Easter is here and almost over.I’m still playing on Ravelry (you HAVE signed up haven’t you??) 

I’ve been helping Dana and the crew out with the behind the scenes planning for the Sedalia Fiber Festival (May 24th. You will be there won’t you??) 

Oh, I signed up for the Wee Tiny Sock Swap. Link and such on the sidebar, there’s no limit to the number of participants and sign ups close on March 27. Socks to be mailed the 31st. I love these little socks! Those of you know know me in person have probably seen me knitting on at least one for my little sock blocker keychain…

Speaking of the sidebar, I’ve *finally* gotten the blog roll in there. I think it’s fairly accurate since I exported my google reader file but if you’re here and not there, please let me know!  

And now, so it’s not all blah blah blah… I leave you with an old picture of the heathens:  

My babies

And don’t forget about the Relay for Life Contest going on til April 17th (link also in the sidebar)


6 responses to “Weekend Update

  1. Awww, that picture is adorable!!

  2. Happy Easter Nikki!

  3. I know… It’s 37F here….brrrrr…

    You are a busy busy woman! and I LOVE the photo of the heathens… curled under toes and all :^)

  4. Great picture!! Sadly I won’t be able to make Sedalia…we’ll be out of town~boo-hoo…
    Happy Easter!!

  5. What a great heathen photo! Did they grow up together? My older cat loves dogs, but won’t make peace with the newer cat (whose lived with us for almost two years now). Go figure.

    Happy Easter & Spring!

  6. Beautiful heathens! And I wish it’d get warmer, too! oh…btw…I just tagged you.

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