hey little girl (or boy…) want some fiber?

So… I think it’s time for a big ol’ contest!

The company I work for has a Relay for Life team. This year I decided to officially join and do my part to raise money.

This is where you and the contest come in. If you click on this link and donate to my Relay for Life team through me, your name goes in the hat for some fibery prizes!


Here are the official rules:

1. Donations up to $25 get your name in the hat once.

2. Donations above $26 gets your name in the hat twice.

3. If you blog about this and leave me a link – yup – that’s right, your name goes into the hat one more time!

4. Please make sure that the email address you use to donate is a valid email that you do check, this will be how I get in touch with you if you’re a winner.

5. Every dollar counts!! Please don’t feel bad if you can only donate a dollar or two…

6. The contest starts now (and the people who have already donated through the link in my sidebar before the contest began – your name goes in the hat too!) and ends April 17th..

So… as they say Give early and give often!!

And Most Importanly: THANK YOU!!!

ETA: Link to list of Prizes


8 responses to “hey little girl (or boy…) want some fiber?

  1. I made a donation just now. I’ll post about this tomorrow, too!

  2. Well..isn’t it only fair for those that donated without being reminded should go in ‘more’ than once..lol, just teasing..but good luck..

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  5. I’m so proud of you with your charitable efforts! I made a contribution, but no, I don’t expect to win! (But you can come over and knit with me!)
    love you!!

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