Picture Time!

OK, here’s a load of pictures for y’all since you’ve patient sat through several picture-less posts.

First off, here’s my pomegrante:


Here it is with a skein of Cascade 220 for comparison:


Here’s December’s fiber club fiber. It’s titled Party Dress. And even though it was taken at night with poor lighting, yes, it really is almost that bright. It’s kinda fun:


Lastly, here’s the latest on the wheel. The picture does Nothing for the color. It’s called Sandstone and is a lovely blend of merino, tencel, firestar and angelina. It’s orange and gray and sparkly and much prettier than I’m making it sound!



5 responses to “Picture Time!

  1. Oh Nikki,
    What beautiful fiber you have there…it was well worth the wait..

  2. Holy moly, that made up a Very Good Sized Whack of Yarn!

  3. WOW…nice skein! So, what ya gonna make?

  4. Whoa…amazing colors. The pomegrante [sic] is gorgeous and the sandstone is equally beautiful. “Party Dress” looks like fun to work with; what are you going to make with it?

  5. Gosh, what a lovely riot of colour – will you be knitting in sunglasses?

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