good news/bad news

Well, we have good news, bad news and good news.

The good news: I figured out what’s been aggravating my arm and causing tendonitis/tennis elbow.

The Bad news: It’s a daily work function (no, it’s not all work related so I’m not filing workers comp).

The Good new: I think I’ve rearranged everything to “fix” the problem. I still have to do this work but I think (and hope!) this set up will work.

The bad news: my wrist/elbow hurt again. BUT no where near like they did. So again, I’m holding off on the knitting for a little while longer.

Now, anyone have a jumbo ball winder that’ll wind 435 yards of handspun that’s sort of sport weightish? Cuz I’m really thinking this yarn needs to be socks…

Sorry there aren’t any pictures, I’ll post some later to make up to you. Must go rest wrist…


6 responses to “good news/bad news

  1. Well, figuring out what’s causing the problem is a start, right?!??

  2. I’m with Chris, knowing ‘why’ and ‘how’ is always good knowledge to have…. good luck with all that.
    My ball winder is just ‘regular’ size… whatever that means :^)

  3. Sorry about the pain; how miserable. I don’t know what’s worse, work-related pain, or the leisure-related variety. One makes life bearable because of the money, the other just because we enjoy doing it. I hope you can get it sorted out soon.

  4. Ack! I hope it gets taken care of quickly – NO KNITTING?
    I’d go nuts…

  5. Good to hear you have discovered the cause. I hope it continues to feel better. Take care!

  6. Do you need a case manager???? Repetitive injuries – not workers comp. Sleeping in that splint might help and taking anti-inflammatories.

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