Recently I signed up for a Valentine’s Day Swap on Ravelry. Just a little swap of about $10. I thought it’d be a fun way to celebrate a day that normally just doesn’t get celebrated around here (here being my home…). It was a known swap (meaning you know who has you) and the organizer just paired us up so I sent to Diane and she sent to me. Which was pretty cool. I like the annonymous swaps and have had nothing but great spoilers but I’m always a little leary. What if they do flake and what if I didn’t answer the questions clearly and well… you get the idea. So it was really nice to be able to actually chat with Diane a bit before picking out her present.Mom always told me people give what they like and I think that certainly fits the case here. I sent a package that I would be happy to get.I sent: a package of plain ol’ round Clover stitch markers (a knitter can never have too many); two bent tip darning needles (LOVE those!); two skeins of Soy Wool Stripes (I’d bought this for a scarf for a friend but she didn’t like it and really, who returns yarn?!?); a magnet of my fair city (I do like me some fridge magnets and it’s fun to see where someone else lives); dark chocolate (do I need to say more?!?!); some fun soap I got in the shape of lips and a cute little card. (There is a picture on Diane’s blog of everything.)Here’s the yummies that Diane sent me:IMG_1411Also, since there were some great guesses I’ll now tell you what the bomb squad was up to.They were afraid this may get out of hand…OK. Now seriously… they were at a local political rally. Kinda cool and disturbing at the same time, eh?I’m an independent and kind of a geek when it comes to political happenings. I vote. I try to keep up with the whole process and all (politicians on the other hand kind of drive me nutty). So when not one but TWO presidential candidates planned rallies for my little city I was excited. I went to the one on Sunday for Hillary… shame she didn’t. She missed a prime opportunity to try to sway me to her camp…;)For those of you who aren’t local, she couldn’t make it because of a high wind warning and forest fires.And now, for all the “bad” news… I’m in an immobilizer type wrist brace. I, thankfully, do not have carpal tunnel but I do have tendonitis/tennis elbow. The wrist brace keeps my hand from moving in a fashion that will not aggrevate the tendons. However, IF I can knit with the brace on, then I have “permission” from my doc to knit. However I’m going to wait at least til the end of the weekend to try. I want to get better…IMG_1413 Edited to add: I had it all nicely formatted and all but I read something that didn’t sound right so I fixed it and all my formating left and I can’t fix it again 😦 I’ve been on the ‘puter too long as it is so please forgive the long run on paragraph 😦 


9 responses to “update

  1. Nice swap package!

    I’m glad you got a brace, you’ll feel relief soon…

  2. Hi Nikki, I’ve been meaning to ask about your wrist. I hope it feels better soon. I know you can’t knit for a couple days, but can you use the hand to eat the chocolate? FYI: My magnet has a place of honor on the fridge!

  3. I’m glad it isn’t carpal tunnel at least! Nice goodies, too. How’s that chocolate tasting? 😉

  4. What a great swap! For you and Diane!
    I’m glad it’s not CPS, so take care and rest, it won’t be long and yes, in the meantime there’s chocolate!

  5. Yay – – no CTS! That’s really great news (now you can breathe again). I’m very, very happy for you.

    Your swap (giving and getting) was great . Y’all exchanged some nice goodies.

  6. Your poor arm! I had tendonitis once – too much hand quilting and computer mousing. I had to get physio therapy but it got better and hasn’t been a problem since. I hope you figure out a way to knit with the brace on.

  7. ohh yum, great swap…
    So happy it isn’t CTS..but tendonitis isn’t a day in the park..so take care of yourself young lady..

  8. Sorry about your wrist….ouch! Just a little advice from a fellow tendinitis sufferer—baby it now so it won’t linger on later. Hope your arm is feeling much better soon!

    Thanks again for the great prizes! Just wanted to let you know I posted a little thank you on my blog, so go have a look since you are temporarily restricted to browsing…:)

  9. I didn’t realize! I’ve been so out of the loop – I hope you’re doing a LOT better now…take care of your wrist!!!!

    That weather was appalling last week, and so sorry the politicos had to miss our little town – story of our lives, huh?

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