oh bother…

I’ve been trying very hard to post every other day (since the everyday thing doesn’t seem to swing with me). Since I’ve been doing so well lately I thought I’d let y’all know why I may be a little more sporadic.

I’m very afraid I have carpal tunnel in my right hand/wrist. I have a doctors appointment on Friday to hopefully NOT confirm my fears and if I do I’m hoping that surgery is not the answer.

So in preparation (and well because it hurts) I’m limiting my at home online activities that involve typing. (So reading blogs and reading Ravelry are somewhat OK but I’m still limiting the time I”m here.)

AND I’m limiting my knitting time each day. This is the hardest for me to do but I’m really not a “oh let’s go have surgery” kind of gal…  

But just for fun, here’s a photo I took just the other day. If y’all want to guess where I was or whatnot feel free. I will tell you… (and not in weeks on end either…)  

bomb squad blower upper thingy      

OK, that wasn’t a good enough picture:  


8 responses to “oh bother…

  1. Nikki, sorry to hear about the wrist pain. Hope that surgery will not be required, and I will be thinking about you. The FOs looked awesome, by the way! I still love the dino. For the love of Pete, don’t tell me that you have taken up destroying bombs and such now? Or maybe you thought that if you just stored the yarn in with the bombs you would be less tempted to overdo?Maybe try a little heat on the hands and wrists.
    Take care

  2. Oh Nikki..I do hope it’s not CTS..that can be very painful..but I’m with you on not jumping for surgery..there may be some alternate treatment..let’s hope…and huge hugs..just because they always make things better~~

  3. Ouch! Hopefully surgery isn’t required!! Hmm, your wrist hurts because you’ve been destroying bombs?! 😉

  4. melissa (Needlephile on Ravelry!)

    Ugh… carpal tunnel sucks! I have treated quite a few patients with c.t. with great success with acupuncture. You should give it a try if you havent already

  5. melissa (Needlephile on Ravelry!)

    oh, and its much better than surgery!!

  6. OUCH! I hope all goes well and that some treatment other than surgery takes care of your wrist and hand, I’ve had my own experiences with it….
    Hmmmmmm… bomb squad?

  7. I sure hope the doctors don’t confirm your suspicions. Gee, I wish I was where ever that picture was taken. You know I love police stuff!! Do you do any volunteering with the Academy and did you join the alumni? I just get their emails.

  8. Ouch! I’m soooo sorry to read about the pain you’re experiencing. I’m sending good wishes & warm thoughts your way. Hopefully some time away from the keyboard will help.

    Bomb squad? Hmmmm (pausing to think). I haven’t a clue. What are you up to?!?! 😀

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