Well, I promised FO’s and here they are!

First there’s the 2nd dinosaur and now, really and officially the next dinosaur is MINE!


Here’s the first completely finished Marvelous Mitt:



Lastly we have a quick little baby hat. A friend of mine at work is going to be a grandmother and I wanted to whip up a little something so here we go:


very quick knit, very well written pattern. I enjoyed knitting with the Mission Falls 1824 wool and the best part (for the new Mom anyway) is that it’s superwash! All the joys of wool and all the goodness of machine washable! Everyone wins! The pattern says it can fit up to an 18 month old and that’s a good thing. A hand knit baby wearable that’ll last more than a month or two.

I’m planning on going back to Becky’s to get more so I can make my nephew a new hat too. I think his little newborn hat I made him is way too small now.

I hope y’all had a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Awww, cute dinosaur.

    That mitt is stunningly beautiful! Well knit!
    That’s a cute little hat, and I know just how soft that hat is, love the Mission wool!

  2. How cute is that…what do the kitties think? Maybe I should make one for Ace, since he love Milo so much!!
    I LOVE that mitt…the colors are fabulous!!!

  3. Isn’t that the way it is? We make something cute but we are the last to get one. I made several felted sheep before I got mine.
    The mitts are so awesome!!!

  4. Dino is most adorable and those mitts..are beyond gorgeous…what a great job and the yarn is scrumptious..Not too mention that sweet hat..You’re just the nicest person..do you give lessons on that?..
    I plan to go back to Becky’s for her official opening on March 1…so maybe we can ‘bump’ into each other again..I plan to bring Ms. Linda along too. Hugs…~

  5. Excellent work – especially the mitt!

    As you know, I have given you a small award on my blog!

  6. you really need to keep one of these dinossaurs for you. i too make things always with other people in mind (which is good) but i never keep anything to myself. i need some of those mitts. it is cold here…burr!

  7. What great projects. The dinosaur is incredibly cute and the mittens are awesome. I’ve just swung over to your blog for the first time after Jane wrote about you, and it won’t be my last visit!

  8. The “Marvelous Mitt” really & truly is marvelous! You did a phenomenal job on that.
    Your dinosaur – – you already know how much I like them and #2 is adorable. I, too, love Mission Falls and need to go back to Becky’s and get some more of that. Thanks for the link to the baby hat pattern (and the hat is precious!).

  9. I am in love with your mitt – your color choice is just beautiful.

  10. Love the dinosaur! That mitt is absolutely gorgeous! Very very nice! That hat does look nice and stretchy — very accommodating to a growing baby.

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