prize #1

Or prize #2… I’m not sure. 

Either way it doesn’t matter… Deb got her package today so I can show you what she got. Or some of it. I didn’t manage to take a picture!

She got two balls of Universal Yarn Co. Deluxe Worsted LP:

Universal Yarn Co Deluxe Worsted LP

in shades of blue.

I also sent her some stitch markers (cuz we all need more of those right?) and a cute little sheep figure.

Deb also told me that she’s been involved in other contests where the prizes were never sent out. How sad is that…

Coming soon finished projects (I hope! well, I do have some finished ones but I want two more finished soon), and my first Ravelry swap! (in which I also forgot to take pictures before I sent the package).

Have a great weekend, y’all!


3 responses to “prize #1

  1. Pretty! Ugh – why have a contest if you aren’t planning to actually send the prizes?!! 😦

  2. Gorgeous yarn!! Congrats to Deb and wtf is up with folks having contests and not following through? strange indeed.
    Have a fantastic weekend!

  3. hmm..thinking I have some Universal in my stash that needs to be..’used’..digs
    And why a contest and no goodies?…barf on that..I’m only playing if I can win good stuff..;)

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