…the hot one, with polio

Today my friend Laura and I went to see Juno. It’s funny. Very funny. And sweet and sentimental and one of those movies that as soon as you’re done watching it you go “I wanna see that again” and you promptly put it on your “buy this DVD list”.

If you haven’t seen it. Go. You’ll also then appreciate the title.  

And I’d like to add on a personal level… Justin Bateman is hot.

In knitting news, I’m almost done with dino #2. He took a little trip to work with me today where everyone oohed and aahed over him. 

I also started Pat’s socks. Using the Figure 8 method of casting on. Not bad at all. I’m excited about having learned it and another way to do toe up socks (with no wrap and turns!)Pictures to follow as soon as there is more than 3/4 in of knitting done.  


2 responses to “…the hot one, with polio

  1. I want to see that movie… I rarely want to go out to see movies… but I do want to see that one.
    Congrats on the figure 8!

  2. I second Marianne. I’ve been itching to see “Juno” and have liked Ellen Page since X3 when she was “Kitty.”

    Your sock ‘cast on’ sounds neat!

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