Happy Groundhog Day!

I haven’t heard the news but I feel quite certain that no matter what the poor ol’ ground hog said, that winter isn’t done with us yet…

Now onto the knitting content.I’m almost done with a scarf for my friend. It was for her 40th birthday. I started it a few days before her birthday so yes, it is late but she knows and it’s all good. In fact, I did give it to her last week but even though she asked for a short scarf, turns out she wants a longer scarf than what she asked for. Which is OK. I asked her if she liked it and would rather her be honest – especially since it’s something I can easily fix – and wear it than lie and it go live in a dark lonely closet.


I frogged my marigold socks. It just wasn’t happening. I love the pattern and want to work on it again but not in the yarn I was using. So… I started this:


The Forest Canopy Shawl

Which I plan on working on after I finish this post. But first I have other good things to tell you. We have a new yarn store “in town” – Knitters Knook. It’s actually in Boones Mill but it’s close enough for me. She opened officially yesterday but it was kind of yucky out and I did have to work so I stopped in today.

After buying the addi needles my shawl is on and some nice pretty wool I was sitting and knitting and visiting and who should come through the door?


My good knitting friends Linda and Dianne!

It’s been TOO long since I’ve seen them and it was so nice to catch up with everyone.

Then, Laura with her hubby in tow came though the door looking for sock yarn. Hubby’s getting some nice socks!

Not long after they left we were getting ready to go when Dana and her daughter came in!

I swear it was like old home week!! Sadly, I got no pictures except for Dianne and Linda (and for those who are curious – that is a wall of Mission Falls behind them. Yumm!)

Becky’s grand opening will be March 1 but she’s open now. If you’re local and want directions leave me a comment or email or whatnot and I’ll be happy to get that to you!

Lastly, Bartholamew would like to remind you that sometimes a nap on a soft pillow in the warm sunshine is the best way to spend an afternoon!



9 responses to “Happy Groundhog Day!

  1. Oh~Oh..I must know the address!! That’s on the way to my brothers house, he may get more visits from me!!!

  2. Yay for new yarn stores!! P.S. He saw his shadow…

  3. That’s a lovely scarf for your friend, looks so very soft and warm!
    Yay on starting that shawl, it’s a beauty!

    Oh my, what a treat for my eyes! to see Dianne and Linda! Two beautiful ladies! and YAY!!! I’ve been hearing bits and pieces about this particular new venture and I’m Very Happy to hear she’s open for business! I can well imagine it was like old home day, wish I could’ve been there as well!

  4. It was indeed a wonderful day..very much like ‘Young Home Week”..it was so awesome to see my Fiber Friends, meet new ones and all the hugs…whew were they good!!..And Marianne, I forgot to tell you..I had you in my pocket;)
    The shop is like a breath of fresh air and Becky is just one of The Best…very talented and fun to be around..some great fiber and MUCH more to come.

  5. Boones Mill —- where is that?? I know I know but can’t think right now. Isn’t it just south of Roanoke or am I thinking of something else????Can’t wait to see the shawl’s progress! What yarn are you using for your friend’s scarf??

  6. Can’t believe I missed Becky’s opening day! It’s been so hush, hush that I didn’t know or I am just out of the ‘know’ loop. I’ll get there soon though. The Forest Canopy is going to be a beauty. Is that the actual color, soft yellow? I love it.

  7. Your forest canopy is going to be lovely – what yarn are you using?

  8. Becky’s was awesome and between Andie & I, we left the store with 11 skeins of that wonderful Mission Falls 1824. She wanted wrist warmers and I’m doing a baby blanket.

    IT WAS SUCH A TREAT to see you Nikki! Your sweater (live & in color) is beautiful. I hope to see you again on the 3/1/08 if not before.

  9. Hi Nikki! It was great to see each and every one of you this past weekend at my shop. I am very grateful to have such caring people in my life. You all made my first weekend very exciting!

    The Forest Canopy is beautiful!

    Come and hang out again soon as I enjoy the conversation and the company!

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