FO time!

Woo hoo! I have a Finished Object to share with you and a couple horribly embarrassing pictures of the cats for you. (and honestly, it’s only embarrassing for them, not for me!)


The other night I started and finished a little Petal Baby Bib for my nephew. I know he doesn’t really need it right now but it’s so cute. It does need to be blocked but that didn’t stop me from searching for victims models:


Bartholamew “agreed” to only wear it if he could pretend it was a cape instead of a bib: 


They love me so…  


14 responses to “FO time!

  1. So cute!! Super Bart to the rescue! Maybe you need to make him one with SB on it!!

  2. Those cats will pay you back for that humiliation – I’d check your shoes before you put them on if I were you!

    Lovely bib and cats.

  3. Oh, Nikki, that is SO cute!!!! yep, those kitties DO love you :^) I especially like that ‘cape’ action!

  4. Cute bib!! I vote for the cape! A kitty cape or cat cape! Full of super powers!

  5. cute work. lovely kitties too!!!! so you make knitties for kitties too??! just thought it would be funny to say that 🙂

  6. Very cute!!! Lucky your kitties love ya!

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  8. That is soooooo mean. Kind of like me videoing the kids on the potty. ha ha ha ha ha

  9. Hee hee hee…too funny. The petal bib is adorable, but the bib as Mr. B’s cape is even better. 😉

  10. I think you are very lucky to have the patient babies you have! My Meezer wouldn’t even stand still long enough to tie that on!

    VERY cute bib!

  11. I do the cape thing with my gauge swatches! Ricky hates it (and me).

  12. That bib is indescribably cute! And I do love a good fuzzy victim…er,um…I mean “model.”

  13. I love it when people use their pets to model their knitting or crocheting. The photos are always so cute.

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