we have winners!

I decided that since almost 50 people entered my “little” contest that I would pick for two winners. 

First, I while chatting with my very best non-knitting friend through email, I asked her to pick a number between one and 48. She doesn’t read my blog because even though she doesn’t knit she gets the blow by blow on all my knitting and spinning issues. She’s really good and nodding and going “Oh, OK”. When I just need to get it out. She picked #23 – Dotty! I read her blog and hunted around and found her on Ravelry and looked at her stash – we have several yarns and groups in common so I think I know what to send her. 

Then, I called my Mom, who even though she knits she doesn’t read my blog (unless specifically directed to do so) and asked her to pick a number. She chose # 27 who is Deb! I went to Deb’s blog and read it and her Ravelry profile and think I have it narrowed down to what she’s going to get.  

After I hear back from our lucky winners I’ll let you know what they won!

A very large Thank you! to everyone who entered and I hope those of you who came over from Chris’s stay for a while.  


3 responses to “we have winners!

  1. Congrats to the winners!! I hope the visitors stay, too – that’s always my goal in promoting contests…

  2. Big congrats to the winners!!!!

  3. congrats to the winners! Yup, i have you bookmarked for surfing!

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