a little contest…

To celebrate my 2nd blogiversary (back in cough December cough), my 200th post (On Thursday) and my new blog I thought I’d have a little contest! 

Prizes yet to be determined but will be fibery. If you win, I’d like to know if you’re a knitter, spinner, weaver or whatnot… that’ll help me pick something out for you. Not that I know anything about weaving but I have friends who do ya know…

The rules: real simple: leave a comment on this post before Jan 24th. Now, for your viewing pleasure I shall leave you with yet another pretty picture…



48 responses to “a little contest…

  1. Wow… I kept thinking I’d have to answer some question, then perhaps feel like an idiot because I wouldn’t know the answer…. heh.
    Is that a jade plant? what beautiful greens.

  2. Congrats!! Lots of milestones. 🙂

  3. Congratulations!!! ….and many more!!!!

  4. This is great! Here I am thinking of not blogging any longer and you start a new on!!! I’m sure yo will get your new home all decorated very nicely! Honestly I was a bit miffed that very few commented on my post about my daughter. This is a big deal and either people just don’t care or I have very few readers! Hopefully but sadly the latter is truest. Sulking.

  5. gracefullearning

    Hey– Sally here! I’m the new knitter from Jenn’s house! And now, I have another blog to read!

  6. Oh no another blog to read while mine hibernates – love the green picture!

  7. Is that your plant having pups? Really cool pic

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  9. congratulation on your new blog home, I’ll be sure to stop by often.

  10. Hi! Came over from Chris’, Happy Blogiversary and may you have many more!!!!Is that a Jade plant? or Hens and Chicks?

  11. Nice photo–what’s the plant?

    Happy Blogiversary & new blog!!

  12. wow cool pic! Congrats on all the celebrations!

  13. Happy belated blogiversary. That picture is so friggin cool.

  14. Congrats on the milestones and here’s to many more!

  15. Congrats! And welcome to wordpress. I’ve had so much fun since I switched over.

  16. Hi there. Happy blogiversary. (found you through chaos)

  17. Sent here by chaos. Happy blogiversary and wishing you many more posts!

  18. I, too, came from Chris’s. Congratulations on your blogging milestones, and great photo!

  19. congratlations:) Love the plant it seems to give hope that spring isn’t far away:)

  20. Happy Blogiversary! Nice new home you’ve got here.

  21. Wow..so many milestones..Congrats on all and especially on your new site and how lovely you’ve dressed her up~..Hugs

  22. Congrats! Lovely picture of your succulent (sounds dirty doesn’t it?)

  23. Hey there fellow wordpress buddy. Welcome, I think you’ll like it here.

  24. Happy blogiversary, and happy posting milestone!

  25. Congrats on your blogiversary and your new home. I love the greeny green picture. What kinda plant is it?

  26. Love that picture—so….green! Happy Blogiversary, Postiversary and New Blogness! 🙂

  27. Those are some cool plants! And congrats onyour blogiversary! Mine has only been up for a couple of months so will be awhile b4 I get to have one.

  28. Congrats on both milestones! I hope you’ll have many happy posts and many years of blogging in the future!

  29. Congratulations on your blogiversary and 200th post!

  30. Great blog! We met at Montpieler, Im Linda’s friend.

  31. Congratulations on your blog’s second birthday!

  32. What a beautiful picture! Congratulations on your many milestones.

  33. Cool photo! Happy 2nd blogiversary, happy new home!

  34. Cute plant! Love the wee shoots.


  35. Congrats on your new blogging home! Your plant picture makes me wish spring were here!

  36. It’s a suggestive succulent!

    Happy blogiversary, and many happy returns.

  37. Congrats on the blogiversary and 200th post!

  38. Congrats on your new blog and your blogiversary!

  39. Congratulations on the milestones! Your new blog looks great!

  40. Hi there! That is a very nice photo (and I loved your dad’s comment). Have a good one. 🙂

  41. Hey! My VDay swap partner! Congrats on your 200th post! Just found your blog. I love me a contest!

  42. Life can be SO fuzzy somedays! Congratualtions!

  43. Congratulations on a beautiful blog and your 2nd year anniversary.

  44. Happy Blogaversary! Aren’t milestones fun?

  45. Congratulations, hope your cough gets better soon 😉

  46. Way cool pix. Whatcha doin? Rooting a plant. You are away right now and I am praying for your stepmother. All my love, catie

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