Welcome to my new home!

As you can see, I’ve decided to switch blogs.

Why? Well, no good reason. When Blogger was giving me such a fit with uploading pictures I created this account and never did anything with it. Now, I don’t know why I switched. Seemed like a good idea. Sorta like a new job or new car. Hmm, maybe it’s more like a new haircut because if I don’t like it I can always go back to the old hairdo. I mean blog. 

So sit down, take a look around and let me know what you think. I’d like to state right off that I’m still working on the blog roll list so please don’t fret if your blog isn’t there. I’m still reading them 🙂 

Now, onto the good stuff! 

Why I love wool: 

Well, duh, cuz it’s yummy!

Oh, wait. I had a real story to tell here…

Ever hear that old statement that wool will keep you warm even when it’s wet? Ever tested it?  I did. Not on purpose the first time though. I was at work and wearing my STR socks and my crocs. It started raining as we left and I stepped in a big ol’ puddle. Instantly my left foot was cold and wet. I was a little pissed. “What about wool keeping you warm and all!” I thought. Then, it dawned on me. Yes, my foot was wet, but it wasn’t cold. And believe me it was quite chilly out. 

Today, I got to put my brand new mittens to use!

We got a bit of snow:


To make it to work, I had to clean said snow off of my truck:


I wore my new mittens to clean the truck off. Now, before I go on let me tell you in the past I’d have to have two sets of gloves. One for cleaning the snow off, one for wearing to work. So, I cleaned off my truck, got in, drove to work (carefully, I might add) and my fingers were warm and dry the whole time!  Sure, there was a very faint smell of wet wool but that’s OK. I’ll take that over cold and wet fingers any day!

Plus, like I said before, wool is just yummy!! 

(and um, please bear with me as I get used to the pictures here! You know how it is when you first move, you can’t ever decide where the pictures go!)


9 responses to “Welcome to my new home!

  1. Welcome to WordPress! Did you leave a “forwarding address” on your blogger blog?

  2. LOVE what you’ve done with the new place. [Insert photo of me looking around in amazement.] You’re really going to like WordPress, it really is the best platform for blogging. (And, yeah, I use it, too, on mine.)

  3. Wow..I love your new “digs”…and you’ve done a great job at decorating…
    I have visited lots using wordpress and I am most impressed but quite lazy when it comes to change..

  4. heh… I’m with Dianne… one of these days I may move but for now there’s plenty on my plate :^)

    This is Beautiful, Nikki! and FUN!!!

    Yeah, that wool, it really DOES keep you nice and warm, love love love the wool!
    Congrats on the move!

  5. heeee… I was the first to subscribe…. maybe?

  6. Beautiful! If a blog can be called “pretty,” yours definitely is. 🙂 I like it a lot!

  7. I’m a practical girl at heart too so am very pleased to hear your stories of lovely warm wool!

  8. Pretty neat about the wool, I didnt relize it would keep you warm even if you were wet! Glad you tested that out for us all! LOL

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