Dinos dinos everywhere…

I showed a good friend of mine the pictures of Darby the Dino. Somehow she has missed him in person… well. She “needed” one. I told her I’d put her on the list. Well, then she went on to explain that she needed one because her niece is mad for dinosaurs and she wanted to give it to her.

I’m a pushover. Let me tell you that now.

A chance to make another stegosaurus for another 3 yr old who’d be smitten with him? Guess what’s coming up next on the needles???


2 responses to “Dinos dinos everywhere…

  1. Heeeee, you are the sweetest!

  2. Ditto with Marianne,
    Being a ‘pushover’ isn’t such a bad thing, especially when it’s in a good way..I became one this past week also by the nurses that took care of Mom..and ended up making a few scarves for them as well as cleaning out my ‘FO’s Stash’..

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