Tidying up

Well, we’ve made it another year. I’m taking down all of the 2007 completed items because hopefully by the end of the day I’ll have a 2008 completed item!

So, mostly for myself I’m going to list the 2007 items here so I can go back and look at them should I need to.

Broadripple socks
Dad’s Hat
Pat’s Scarf
Lumberjack socks
Dad’s 2nd Hat
Irish Hiking Scarf
Lavender DW Dishcloth
My Second Hat
Fetching Mitts
Irish Hiking Scarf camera cozy
Manos Moebius
BAWK Hot water bottle cover
2 catnip mousies
STR Fire on the Mountain Socks
Drawstring bag
MN dishcloth
VA dishcloth
Pat’s Pedicure Socks
Katie’s CN Hat
Katie’s CN fingerless gloves
Cup Coozie
Steeler’s Baby Sweater
Yellow Baby Hat
2nd Cup Coozie
Two Squares
Two washcloths for Beth
Judy’s Socks
Steeler’s Baby Hat and Booties
2 Teeny ToFutsies Socks
Koigu Clapotis
Baby Hat
3 Teeny Koigu Socks
2 Teeny Sweaters
Yellow/Green dishcloth
Weekend Pullover
Dad’s “Uncle” hat
Blue Dishcloth
3 DW Dishcloths
Cinchy “SAFF” hat
Warm up America Square
Dad’s Socks
Fingerless Mitts
Christmas Scarf
Felted Back Pack
3 korknisses
super secretive project #1- Stegosaurus
1 mitten
1 mini sock
CSM sock


8 responses to “Tidying up

  1. Yes… you are AMAZING!!!
    (now about that ‘1 sock’ and ‘1 mitten’….heh)

  2. Holy Cow!! I was just telling Catie today what a great knitter AND spinner you have become in such a short period of time. You can knit anywthing girl!!! Your list is phenominal.

  3. You are one Knittin’ Fool!!! Amazing!!!!

  4. Geez…I feel like “Loser/ Underachiever” here. 😉 LOLOL That is one AMAZING list and kudos to you! Sheer volume aside, I’m looking at the incredible diversity of what you made and it boggles the mind. Way to go Nikki!

  5. That’s one impressive list!
    Congratulations and on to the new year!

  6. What a list! Looking forward to following your knitting and spinning adventures in 2008!

  7. WOW – you sure got a lot done!

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