I’m likin’ this spinning thing

embiggen (for those of you that don’t read the same blogs I do, that means click to make bigger to enjoy the beautifulness that is this bobbin of singles)

(ok, embiggen actually means to click on the picture to make it bigger but still…)

ETA- apparently this whole “embiggen” thing isn’t working anymore… but I still hope you enjoy the beautifulness that is that bobbin of singles)

edited again – thanks to Mary’s help embiggen/biggerize is up and running!


9 responses to “I’m likin’ this spinning thing

  1. What a lovely bobbin of singles — how will you ply them?

    By the way — embiggen still works (I call it “biggerize”). Sometimes, though, when writing or editing a Blogger post with Internet Explorer, if you slide photos around in the post, they somehow lose the URL to embiggen then. Firefox doesn’t have that problem, thank goodness. If you’re an MSIE loyalist, delete and add back the photo again without moving it should fix the problem. Instead, move the text, rather than the photo.

  2. WOW…look at those singles! I can’t wait to see it finished up!!

  3. somebunnysloveDOTcom

    Ohhh… (as in drool!) Those colors look awesome. I am looking forward to seeing what the final FO is when you knit with the resulting yarn!
    Bunny hugs,

  4. Mmmm, that IS a bobbin of loveliness!….

  5. Nicely done- both the biggerizing and the singles. I like the short runs of color, too. That’s going to be a beautiful yarn.

  6. It’s yummy..even biggerized..

  7. Gorgeous yarn.
    Will it be navajo plyed to keep the colours, or plyed on a single? Can’t wait to see it.


  8. What fiber(s) are you spinning? They are yummy!

  9. Beautiful! Can’t wait to see what you do with them. 🙂

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