My Marvelous Mitts

I kept seeing these lovely mitts showing up in blogs I read. I even found a Ravelry group for them. It was the same pattern but they’re all so different. All so lovely.

I loved them. I coveted them in ways that knitters understand (well, any crafter really). I had to have them and make them my own. However, I didn’t know how to do color work. Stranded? Floats? Holding my yarn in TWO HANDS!?! It seemed a little out there. But then I remembered Catie talking about how easy her tam was. How much she enjoyed knitting it.

I broke down and followed the link and bought the pattern. They’re Marvelous Mitts by Karendipity.

It took me a while to decide on yarn. I mean a long while. I browsed a lot. Finally, I found the yarns. Quite accidently. Dream in Color Smooshy Giant Peach (and don’t you just LOVE that name?!) and some unnamed most lovely shades of Green Koigu I had.

Took me three tries to get the cast on right. Since then, I’ve been on a big roll. I love the mitts. I love the colors together. I love that I taught myself how to knit with my left hand (and have gotten advice from Ms Karendipity herself as to where to go to learn how to purl with my left hand so I can knit both continental AND english!). I want to finish these mitts so I can find two more colors to make more!

And while I’m spouting all the love… I really love that a lot of designers use Ravelry and make themselves available even more readily to help you with their patterns. So far, knock on wood, I haven’t needed help. But I’ve gotten some great encouragement from the KAL group on Ravelry, the moderators and Karen. I love that. I love that instead of going “what the heck does she/he mean by THAT” that you can just ask the designer. Easily. Because I know a lot of places you can find ways to contact the designer but if it’s not easy I’m not going to do it. I’ll figure it out on my own or with my friends…

So, if any designers are out there reading this and are accessible on ravelry, THANK YOU!!!


11 responses to “My Marvelous Mitts

  1. Oh Nikki! That’s some beautiful colourwork you’re knitting, and yes, I love ‘Giant Peach’, the name and I need to go see it now :^)
    Seriously, that’s a beautiful mitten you’re knitting!

  2. Ditto on Marianne..hi up there Sis..Oh Nikki..How stunning and you’re SO smart to figure all that out…I’m dying to learn mitts but never got past a cuff and decided over my head for Now..but later..hugs and happy knitting~

  3. Lovely! And kudos to you for not only creating such loveliness, but also for being brave enough to try it. I’m not yet that brave! But I think I’ll be favoriting that pattern! Thanks for the link!

  4. Awesome…I love your color choices!!

  5. That colour combination is absolutely beautiful – like blossoms in a tree.

    If you’re like me you’ll keep wanting to pinch yourself to check that you really made something so apparently complicated!

  6. These are gorgeous. So glad that you’ve had good luck with them. You’ll have to show off your handiwork at Knit Nite next week.

  7. Nikki!!!
    They are just soooooooooo cool! Congrats!!! Catie IS inspirational, you know? B/c of her I’m going to try her hat, just ordered KPs Palettes to do so. Now YOU’RE inspiring me, too!

    Can’t wait to see those in person!

  8. Fantastic! I agree too that Ravelry is great for getting help with patterns. I’ve met a few wonderful people who helped me with projects they knit before I did, and it was much appreciated.

  9. Whoa!!! You go you multi color knitter you!!! Looks fabulous. Can’t wait to see them next week! I need to cast on something more interesting and challenging. My blog is getting boring!

  10. GORGEOUS! I’m am awestruck – – genuinely awestruck. The colors are beautiful, as is the knitting. Way to go Nikki!

  11. Well worth the time in planning the colour comb … the peach and green is just beautiful together! Can’t wait to see progress shots:)

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