A Finished Item!

Yes! I AM alive and I HAVE been knitting!!

proof of both:

For the record, that is the back of my head… and yes it did take me about 100 pictures to get the picture right.

I know lots of people knit sweaters for the upcoming fiber festivals but hey, let’s face it, I’m not a fast knitter. Plus I missed the memo saying while not a pre-requisite, a newly knitted item for said festival wouldn’t be a bad idea. SO, I knit a hat! It’s the Cinchy Hat from Interweave’s knitscene. The yarn was a gift to me by my friend Catie. She said they were my colors. And I believe she was right.

The best part, I still have a about a hank and a half left! What to make now…


10 responses to “A Finished Item!

  1. So cute…I Love it!!

  2. Looks great! I think you need a pair of fingerless mittens to go with it!

  3. Adorable hat! And I’ll be looking for it at SAFF!

  4. What a lovely hat and oh yeah, that definitely looks to be a good colour for you! Yep, I’d go with some fingerless mitts.. scarf…
    Great knitting, Nikki!

  5. That is TOO adorable!! The color is great for you..Wish I’d be seeing you at SAFF..but keep me close in your thoughts..
    I was ready to email you to make sure you were ok..even asked Linda..since you’d been blogless a few days..but when I’m home..I rarely do much more than read and comment..hugs

  6. Have a wonderful time at SAFF – that will be the perfect compliment to any outfit (unless it’s 80 degrees!)

  7. Oooh! I love the color! Very cute!
    My vote is for fingerless mitts too.

    Have fun!

  8. Perfect autumn colours!

  9. I love that hat & the color! I’m off to dig out that issue again since it didn’t make that much of an impression the first time I saw it.

  10. GREAT hat! It looks wonderful and Catie, I think, is right – – good color.

    Enjoy SAFF and if you can, takes lots of pictures too (vicarious enjoyment). 😉

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