Dad’s 3rd Hat

Hmm, OK, just this year alone, I’ve knit Dad 3 hats. In all fairness the first one didn’t fit (hey, it was my second hat and mine didn’t fit me either!) and this one is out of (drum roll please) my own handspun.

Catie gave me some fleece named Brother when I got my wheel. I preservered and spun enough of Brother to knit a hat (plus some. I could probably get another hat out of what’s left). I think Brother is a beautiful gray. Catie kept fussing at me to throw it away.

I finally knit some of my own handspun. I think this is my most favoritist hat I’ve ever knit. Ever. It’s certainly the most beautiful hat I’ve knit. And yes, I realized I’m biased. But if I didn’t make this specifically for Dad (cuz he asked for it) I don’t think I’d give it away. I love it.

Now, after all that hype:

I showed it to Catie… she was glad I didn’t throw it away and was inspired to maybe even spin some of Brother herself.

(See, I finished this last week or so and have been holding out on you so I could give you some more blogging…)


11 responses to “Dad’s 3rd Hat

  1. I think it’s beautiful and it certainly looks to be VERY warm!
    Good going, girlfriend!

  2. Nice…very, very nice!!

  3. It’s wonderful hat and all the more special because it’s handspun. Great job!

  4. Congrats! How cool that is…

  5. I felt that way with my first (and only so far) homespun hat! Yours looks mahhhhhvelous! Dad will love it no doubt.

  6. That is a very pretty shade of gray. He will love it! And, kudos for you!! Your own handspun!

  7. I love how the Brother hat turned out. You’ve been on quite the roll lately, cranking out lots of awesome stuff. Keep on rocking with your knitting and spinning.

  8. What a beautiful job Nikki..very proud of your spinning and your knitting is always gorgeous..I love the color and pattern…Hugs~

  9. As a hat love, I must say I love that one — it looks incredibly soft and warm. Kudos!!

  10. (hat LOVER, that is)

  11. What a splendid hat – I’m sure your dad will treasure it.

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