ooo, pink…

Well, it’s been an exciting week around here.

Bartholamew finally got out voted and a PINK litter box was brought into His Home (hey, it’s our home, too, B!)

Don’t worry too much, there’s still the big gray box for him but he doesn’t seem to mind the pink (he was the first one in there…)

They’ve got a bigger one that involves a little ramp for them to get in and out of the box and supposedly cleans the litter out of their toes but it’s HUGE and we don’t have the kind of room around here. Plus I’m not sure his Highness would use it. Pepper I’m not so worried about.

I’ve been plugging away at Dad’s socks:

I’m an inch away from the ribbing and then I’ll cast on for sock #2.

I started my own socks:

I know, there’s not much there but I just started them. They’re going to be Marigold Socks. I’m looking forward to working on them some more.

My sweater went out this morning on it’s “inagural” wearing and I do think I’m going to have to rip out the bind off and add a couple more rows to the bottom. It’s just not quite long enough. It’s not bad but it’s not perfect and why knit sweaters if they’re not going to be perfect, ya know?

Hopefully, I’ll have more to say than just another update next Sunday.


6 responses to “ooo, pink…

  1. I added length on both sweaters I’ve made … they’ve got to hit me in the right place, you know?
    B loves pink! He’s just admitting it. LOL

  2. Isn’t it funny how the very minute you clean out “The Box” they have to use it! Mr Ace wouldn’t go into one that is enclosed…big chicken.

  3. I’m thinking Bartholamew is just tuned in to his ‘pinkness self’, you know?
    Very handsome mansock! and that Marigold pattern is PRETTY!

    Well, at least it’ll be a relatively ‘quick fix’ to lengthen your sweater and you should be happy with it… :^)

  4. I can’t wait to see your Marigolds bloom. That will be a fabulous color for that pattern!

    I am thinking the next thing I need to learn is “toe-up”. Your toe looks so cute.

  5. Been wondering about you!!! Dad’s socks look good and the marigolds will be fun. I love yellow!

  6. Poor Barthalomew…he’s been emasculated by the women with whom he lives (a pink potty!). LOL 🙂

    Your socks are looking fabulous and I see that you’re working ‘toe up.’ I’ve got to try that soon. I second Marianne’s comment; the Marigold pattern is excellent.

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