Fiber-licious Saturday!

Today was a fiber-licious!! It started out my friend Laura and I braved the traffic and went to Blacksburg to hit Mosaic’s sale. I mean all the good stuff goes early right? Never mind that it’s Virginia Tech’s first home game of the season and that ESPN’s Game Day is going to be there and they’re playing ECU so those folks are driving up too… (and really, we went early enough that for all but the last 2 miles of the journey it wasn’t bad at all and even those 2 miles were a rolling stop not a dead stop).

Then I came home and found the mailman had left me some delightful presents in my mailbox. Some of these are for presents so you’re just going to have to look and enjoy, not ask too many questions. I’ll tell you the STR is in colorways Metamorphic and In The Navy. And I’ll tell you that the roving consists of one of each of these fibers: Blue Faced Lancaster, Alpaca and Silk. yummmmm

Y’all know where Socks that Rock comes from (if you don’t, just leave a comment I’ll be happy to point you in their direction), and the roving came from Sakina Needles. Catie ordered from her before and recommended her so I ordered from her, too. The first order admittedly had some snafu’s but they were resolved and there was a legitimate issue not something horrible and the roving and resulting yarn was so wonderful, I ordered from her again and am here recommending her to you.

Pepper thought today was fiber-licious, too!


8 responses to “Fiber-licious Saturday!

  1. You truly are a BRAVE soul!! Love that STR!!

  2. I was tempted by that yarn sale but not enough for a six-hour roundtrip. I love Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Superchunky — enjoy! And I have some silk hankies and silk sliver that I want to figure out how to spin or knit with, someday….

  3. Whoa-doggies! YUM is right!
    OK…I can’t ‘see’ you but I know what you’re doing right now… You’re rolling around in all that fibre goodness and laughing and giggling and squealing with delight, aren’t you….I know you are.
    (I’ve had to clean up the drool 3x now…)
    Have a great weekend!!!

  4. Nikki! I love that Metamorphic! I’ve never tried STR but their colors are so wonderful. And, the roving!!!!!! Have never heard of Sakina Needles – will have to check that out. Good to see your kitty approves, also.

  5. But how will you choose what to work with first? I would be all of a dither with so much lovely stuff!

  6. Wow…you had a great weekend! I can’t wait to see what you spin with that roving (super colors) and as always, the Blue Moon Fiber is awesome.

    (Pepper looks like she’s about to make off with some roving).

  7. OMG. You had a wonderful time…it’s all so delish!

  8. Holy moly! That is quite the wonderful fiber haul.

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