Well, I really have nothing to say. No new pictures, no exciting news, no desire to work on my sweater.

Really, I’m feeling uninspired. I’m half done with the side shaping. I’ve finished the decreases. After I knit for 3 inches then I can do the increases. Then I get to just do stockinette for a while. A long while I believe…

So… let’s talk future projects. I have one in mind (ok so I have like 853 in mind but one directly in mind). However, I’ve been thinking and reading a few blogs here and there. Anyone know of any shawls/wraps/stoles free or for sale that are knit out of fingering/sock weight yarn? Preferably not triangular?

I have however dug up a few cute cat pictures:

Can you find 4 paws in this picture?

And now for a slightly more dignified picture:

Hope y’alls knitting is going better than mine!


8 responses to “Stalled

  1. Come on Nikki…we all have these moments, remember you are running a race~~get back on that bike and ride!
    I see 4 paws, what a sweet picture…Ole Bart just looks P-Oed! Didn’t you ask permission before taking the picture?

  2. Yes, and we just keep on knitting…
    Have you checked Knitty for a lace project? like a stole? and you can do most any lace pattern with a fingering weight yarn just use a larger needle…
    Your kitties are so very beautiful!

  3. Knitpicks has a rectangular shawl. I don’t even see it any longer on their site. It uses their fingering weight merino called ‘memories’. I’d be happy to lend it to you.
    You’re kitties are great. They sure keep us company don’t they!

  4. Gently takes Nikkis hands and places the needles back in them..and tells Rock!! We all hit slumps..from the little experience I have..I grow tired of larger projects and need to take a’ll hop back on..and take off..and finish the race quite proudly!! I don’t have any patterns you speak of but I did buy a Murano fun and ‘Easy” Poncho Pattern..looks cute but it calls for bulky..I have you a copy made for when I see you..along with the sweater I made. Hugs and don’t sweat the small stuff..It’s supposed to be FUN!

  5. Stockinette is the bane of an ADD knitter’s existence. Lord knows I’ve been tempted to stray from the seemingly endless 14″ of stockinette in the second panel of my TdF project. Break it into managable bits and persevere. You can do it!


    “blogless” Heidi

  6. Hang in there, and welcome to Knitters at Work!

  7. Precious kitties! I can appreciate your burnout – – I had the never-ending garter with the Mason Dixon baby blanket. Hang in there; the end result makes the mindless boring part worthwhile.

  8. I LOVE kitty pictures!!! They’re so pretty. I know Koigu has a beautiful shawl pattern but I think it’s triangular.

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