Updates and presents

I finally got started right on Dad’s sock. After a small “freak out” at Mom’s about the size it’s all a-go.

I know you’re wondering about how so much got done, well… I went up to Mom’s yesterday and she was going to knit on her “I have to think about it” sock and I was going to knit on my “I have to think about it because I’m at the side decreases” sweater. Well, she was having one of those days and didn’t get much sock knitting done. I had forgotten my pattern at home and had only mindless stockinette sock knitting. Which helped contribute to Mom’s lack of sock knitting, I kept talking to her 🙂 BUT we figured out how to fix a sweater she knit and had an issue with and found another sweater pattern she liked and was swatching for so all in all it was a good day!

My sweater progress:

Here’s the intarsia block so far:

I started the block right above my thumb. I really feel I’m making good progress on my sweater. Maybe not great progress but good progress. I’m glad I joined the Tour de France KAL. It’s really inspired me to work steadily on my sweater. Maybe it really will be done in time for the cool weather!

Lastly, I bring you the present Mom brought me from her trip to Savannah.

I love it!! And yes, for those of you aren’t local or haven’t seen me leaving knit night… I drive a big red truck.


8 responses to “Updates and presents


  2. LOVE the truck sign, I’ve driven many trucks in my life! Your sweater looks FABulous!
    Love that Wildfoote yarn, great colour!
    How wonderful that you and your Mom knit together!

  3. The Wildfoote is ‘handsome’..the sweater is gorgeous!!..Love the truck sign..in my earlier years I was a truck gurl..and still love the powerful feeling of sitting up ‘high’…You inspire me to knit MORE~~Hugs

  4. Just remember, you got your ‘girl truck’ from a guy.

  5. Love that truck sign!!! It’s fun to find something so perfect!
    Glad your dad’s socks are finally in the works! It’s like the facecloth I am trying to knit with this way to pricey Euroflax. If it didn’t cost me so much I’d be cutting it into shreds by now. I am not sure why I am having so much trouble. I press on!

  6. to “defend” myself: as any Daddy’s girl knows… Dad’s aren’t “boys” they’re on a much higher level: “Daddy” 🙂

  7. Oh my gosh! I roared when I read your blog! When my beloved Daddy said, “Dana, it’s high time you bought your own car and stopped using mine,” we went car shopping together. On the lot, Dad was looking at a powder blue Ford Fiesta that turned my stomach. I spotted & walked over to a scarlet-colored Ford Ranger that was calling my name. Edward (Dad) was floored. “This is the one you want?” “Yes and don’t try to talk me into the Fiesta.” The man smiled like a Cheshire cat when we pulled into the neighborhood and the neighbors asked, “Who picked it out? Dana picked it out?!?!”

    Aren’t Daddys grand???

  8. Great sign! A big red truck — that’s the kind of vehicle you want to take on a yarn crawl. Think of the mess of yarn you can pack in that monster!

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