Tour de France KAL update and dishcloths

With thanks to Robin I figured out what I was doing wrong with my sweater. We’re back on track now.

That’s actual stockinette there…

Also, over at Yarn Miracle there’s a little contest of who has the most hand knit dishrags. I know I won’t win, but here are all of mine that live here. Well, except the one at the sink.

Last summer was the Summer of Dishcloths. I made oodles of them all for gifts. But now, I have 11 living with me. 10 are pictured here.

Finally, I bring you my friend, Big Fat Groundhog. There are two living in my woods but he’s my favorite. All that rusty brown fur…

However I think he’d like it only slightly more than Bartholamew if I got his tummy. I do know that this is Big Fat Groundhog because the other one I saw is much smaller and darker.

I’d like to thank everyone for nice comments about my package to my aunt and the encouraging comments on my sweater. I swear, knitters are just great people!


9 responses to “Tour de France KAL update and dishcloths

  1. Very impressive (corrugated?) ribbing on that sweater! 🙂 Also a very impressive pile o’ dishcloths. I’ve knit several, but haven’t kept any. At some point I need to knit myself some!

  2. That is lovely ribbing, glad to hear you’re back on track.

    Lovely dishclothes too.

  3. I love the looks of that ribbing!
    Big Fat Groundhog!! how cute!
    Wow, look at all your washcloths, I’ve made hundreds of them and I have one…yep, one…I should probably make myself a few, eh?

  4. I love the purple dishrag – those are such great colors. Big Fat Groundhog looks so cuddly and sweet. I wonder if he dances…

  5. Hey…love the look of that ribbing!

    Have you named your neighbors? So cute!

  6. Wow, that sweater is going to be great and satisfying to knit! Can’t wait to watch the progress. Gee, I need more dish/face cloths!!

  7. That jumper is going really well – the ribbing is really effective.

    So that’s what a groundhog looks like – they are much cuter than I thought….

  8. Your dishrags are too pretty to be dishrags – – that’s the honest truth. They look like quilt blocks. 🙂

    Your fuzzy neighbor is very handsome (great photo!) and your sweater is coming along beautifully.

  9. The sweater is going to be awesome..and your dishrags/cloths are too pretty to use for dishes.
    Mr.Groudhog sure is a healthy fella!!
    You’re knitting your heart out!..Keep up the beautiful work! Hugs~

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