Tour de France KAL update

Well, I may be getting a flat tire already. Despite finally finishing the ribbing (I think that was a large part of me putting the sweater aside), I have hit a stumbling block. I don’t know if it is a pattern error or something I did wrong. Of course tomorrow is Sunday, so all the yarn stores are closed but my favorite “resource” for help, aka: Mom, is out of town. I’m hoping that my next update isn’t, “Ah non, je dois dechirer.”*

Maybe I’ll just knit on some baby items for a bit. Because you know, errors sometimes fix themselves while you’re knitting other things…

*Oh dear. I need to rip back.


7 responses to “Tour de France KAL update

  1. keep going!

  2. Hang in there! Go maillot a pois rouges! You can totally do it. I’ll come around with the team car and switch out bikes, k? 😉

  3. Now how’s that for team playing?
    Baby things are so much fun and you know, errors sometimes DO fix themselves….heh.
    Good luck with that, seriously!

  4. thanks for your nice comments!! I hope you can get it fixed, my mum is a great help for me too when knitting things go wrong. good luck 🙂

  5. Give me a shout if you need help!

    You can do it, you’ve only hit the first hill!

  6. Probably Jane

    Hang in there! Aussie Robbie McEwan crashed on today’s stage and went on to win it.

  7. Well, I ripped out and started over twice on my tdf polka-dot project. so I know I’m in the right group. You are right some times knitting problems solve themselves or become easier while they sit.

    And even if you have to rip out and do over, it’s only a small part of the entire time spent on the project. I hope you figure it out.

    Thanks for posting on my blog.

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