Ukrop’s… I love you

This is my favorite part of the whole store! (It’s really Ok… my momma always told me “simple things amuse simple minds” and I’ll admit it, I have a simple mind) Looking at the picture, the escalator on the left is the people escalator, the one on the right is for carts. You push the cart into the gate, it locks into place and as you ride down the cart rides down beside you. OK, I should stop right there, I told a little lie. YOU don’t push the cart into the gate, the very nice customer service people (I swear “bag boy” seems almost an insult to these guys) push your cart into the gate, then to your car and load up your groceries. And if you haven’t ever been to Ukrop’s before they give you a little history lesson and store hours and such.

I went in with my preprinted customer card form (I love the internet too!) and handed it to the nice lady at the very busy table. She asked me if I wanted a keychain card or a wallet card (the wallet card is my card of choice in case you’re wondering) and handed me my card. I took a little magnet for the fridge with all their numbers on it. Mostly because I like magnets on the fridge. (see you’re learning so much about me in this one little post!)

I wandered up and down each aisle carefully making decisions about what I wanted for lunch and for dinner. I bought the heathens a little treat (that was 4 cents cheaper per can than another place I usually shop), I bought my dad a …. wait, it’s a surprise, I’ll tell you later after he gets it but yes it will mail very well, I got some frozen chicken things and some prepared shepherd’s pie. Because a lady at work said they’ve got excellent pecan pie, I bought a piece. I would like to state here for the record that she is right. I mean she’s not Southern or anything so I used her recommendation with that in mind, but it’s good. The pie is SO good, Pepper tried to eat the fork when I was done. And she’s not so big on people food. The pie alone is worth a “I heart Ukrop’s” but I’ll tell you what really sealed the deal for me (I mean besides the cart escalator going to the underground parking) was they have Ginger beer. Dad originally told me about ginger beer when I was visiting with him but Catie is the one who turned me on to this particular brand. It’s MOST tasty. It’s also most tasty with a little splash of good tequila (Dad says good burboun too).

They’ve also got well spaces aisles and a very nice layout. As an added personal bonus, they’re very close to where I live. I’ll be shopping there again (maybe even to buy some French toast or French bread for the Tour de France KAL kick off . You always knit better after a nourishing breakfast.)


10 responses to “Ukrop’s… I love you

  1. Wow, that is some really advanced escalator technology! Hope you stocked up on plenty of French bread!!

  2. oh yes! I love everything Reed’s … those ginger juices are good too, if you can find them. (But the Ginger Beer rules them all.)
    Looks like I’ll have to forgo the Big K store & the Co-op this weekend and check out Ukrop’s.

  3. Is Ukrops a southern chain? I have never heard of them, or that cart escalator, which is seriously cool. As is the pecan pie!

  4. I’m gonna try again today to go. I did opening day at 11:30 but it was just too crowded. Couldn’t even park. It’s very close to me so I hope I like it better than Kroger. I’m sure I will but I want better prices too. That will be the clincher!

  5. Well! The Ukrops near me doesn’t have that fancy escalator and cart-escalator. At least that I know of — it does have a second story but I don’t know if people bring carts up there….

    I do love Ukrops, though. Expensive at it is, it’s worth paying the extra $$$ to avoid the attitude and the sloppy bagging at Food Lion. Oh, and to have someone else load the car. With a smile. Love it.

    Oh, and my nephew works there as a bag boy. Good place.

  6. I’m ignorant and I admit it. At first, I thought you were talking about a restaurant (French bread, pecan pie et al) and then it hit me, “Carts?” Wow, a two story grocery store. That does sound interesting. 🙂 What’s really wild is that there’s no parking. Is it that popular or does it have a very small lot?

    When you’re next in Bedford, I’ll take you slumming to Vista Foods. Frightening looking store, but they have the most delicious meats! (Their chuck is better than Kroger’s filet mignon). LOLOL

  7. I’d love to join you on the ‘Tour de Vista’..lmso!!…Ukrops it isn’t but their meat..I’d put against any of the finer chains..and that ground chuck..mmmm..not enough grease to even cook it..makes the best burger I’ve ever eaten.
    Huge hugs to you both!

  8. Nikki!!!! Miss you girl! I am gonna have to try the ginger beer with Tequila. Hadn’t thought of that. I am doing the Tour KAL too. Can’t figure out how to steal the button though! Help, please. See you Thursday!

  9. Drats, it looks like bloglines let me down on this post, didn’t get a notice about it, so sorry!
    I’ve never even heard of this place, wow….(I’m very easily entertained too…;^)

  10. Man! I’m envious! I love me a Ukrops! All we have is Food Lion and WalMart.

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