New Yarn Store

Well, as I told you the new yarn store opened today:

This is what I bought:

What? You don’t see any pictures? Hmm. Oh, I know, it’s because they closed at 5pm today. I know, I’m being a little (cough… a lot… cough) snitty and I do apologize. It’s just that I was so excited about a new yarn store and I was so looking forward to going after work today that I’m just really disappointed. She said they’d be open for about 3 hours tomorrow. I’ll try to get out there then and keep my fingers crossed that maybe as time goes one she stays open later than 5pm during the week. Even one night a week.


5 responses to “New Yarn Store

  1. Bummer, dudette. I hope for her sake she decides to keep it open late if not at least 1 night perhaps even 2 nights a week… lots of knitterly types working that 9-5 gig….

    I hope you make it tomorrow!
    (only 3 hours?!?!?)

  2. UH-OH…I was beginning to think my computer wasn’t loading, until I read further…she better plan on staying open later, otherwise…a lot of lost sales because the other LYS closes at 5!! She’s already losing points in my book….

  3. LOL Like Robin, I thought I was having trouble seeing the photos. Then I read the post. Don’t you absolutely hate that stuff, those weird hours? If she ever expects to get any customers, she’d best get more than just banker’s hours.

  4. Give her some time … and some feedback. I’m sure she’s just starting with the basic hours similar to the other LYS and most other small places around here. This first week is a perfect time for suggestions from everybody. One of my suggestions would be to see if our group could arrange a ‘private showing’ one evening or on a Saturday. You know that would be worth her while and we could ohhh & ahhhhh and check the whole place out.
    I’m headed out of town for a week so I’ll miss the excitement. If anyone notices help wanted signs for evenings or weekends let me know. muhahhahahahaa

  5. Indeed a bummer! You’ll just have an excuse to double up next trip!

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