FO, knitting update

Well, I have one finished object from this weekend. My cup coozie:

This took almost NO yarn. I’m thinking of making more for friends or gifts or whatnot.

The baby sweater is lacking a sleeve, neck band and button bands:

I almost went on and finished it but since I’ll see my aunt in 2 wks I thought I’d go on and work on her socks:

I’m actually on the heel now. That was taken a little before 3.

In addition to this, I went grocery shopping, yarn shopping (see Saturday’s post), and did a little spring cleaning. All in all, I’d say it was a productive weekend.


3 responses to “FO, knitting update

  1. I’d say so! The little sweater is a beauty!
    Pretty sock pattern you have going and that’s the Tofutsi, right?
    Way to go, woman!

  2. You’ve just made me completely tired..such a nice idea for the ‘coosie’..the sweater is just TOO cute..and we do have identical taste in yarn..I love this tofutsi!! What a busy and productive weekend..I should imitate..but I think I will procrastinate instead..Happy Knitting~~

  3. Cute sweater…Isn’t that sock pattern a fun one to knit?!

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