Pepper ‘tocks

See, there’s these blogs out there where they’ve showed their kitties ‘tocks. It sort of started here. Well, Mayhem and Lucy made me think of Pepper and her Jaguar impression.

So I left a comment and told Mayhem’s mom I’d get a picture for her. Well, it was too cute not to share some of them.

And my favorite of all of them:

“Why are you takin’ so many pictures of my bum, Momma?”


4 responses to “Pepper ‘tocks

  1. LOL! Adorable. And I think Mayhem had the same question for me!! Hee hee.

  2. But..don’t they always ‘swish’ that ‘best’ side to you?..How cute!!

  3. Pepper is a beauty and I love it when they get themselves all sprawled out like that!

  4. I take pix of my children’s bums too!!! I love baby buns! Cat or kid. catie

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